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MLM/Network Marketing-The Most Fair And Ethical Business Model

Apr 21st 2011 at 7:22 AM

You know, I've been in this industry for about 5 years now and just came back from a 9 month break due family issues and nothing has really changes, apart that the internet community goes forward and interact with each other more then before but...and it still absolutely floors me how some people don't think that MLM/Network marketing is a legitimate business model.

I know many of you already know my views on a job - and how it's actually one of the biggest pyramid scams on the planet...but when I see how many people are still write mlm off on the internet, then i get really angry and upset.

It's actually pretty sad, but most people don’t take the time to grow in mlm network marketing at all...

I think it's really amazing how quickly we've gone away from home business as the 'norm' when just 100 years ago over 80% of the population were self employed...the idea of having a '9-5 job' is actually a relatively new concept!

But for some reason now, people think having a job is the 'only' way to get through life!!! Strange, isn't it?

Jim Rohn said it best, I think:

"If you don't plan your life, someone else will...and guess what they've got planed for you.  Not Much."

When you have a job, and you give your life to helping someone else get rich, and have leverage, without you having that SAME OPPORTUNITY, you are disempowering your life, and setting yourself up to be STUCK for the rest of your life - no freedom, no leverage, no retirement, no legacy...no-thing, that's right - NOTHING ;)

Typically the definition most people use of a pyramid is where 'the guy at the top makes all the money.'

That business model, if you're wondering, where one guy has the opportunity for riches and leverage, and the people at the bottom get screwed, is a job.

Of course there are illegal schemes out there, usually they are easy to spot - there is no product or service being exchanged...it's just a big money game.

But that's not the whole story...a major determining factor (for me) of if a pyramid is fair or not is: Does Everyone Else Have The Same Opportunity For Leverage, Wealth, And Freedom?

Network Marketing/MLM is the most fair business model in the world!

It is painfully ambiguous for those still in 'job land'(NOT THAT I THINK IT IS BAD THING TO HAVE A NORMAL JOB) - I take the same kind of position as the 'star' of this feature; if you don't get it, don't count on me discussing business with you ever again ;)

Now go out and create a PHENOMENAL day,


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Apr 22nd 2011 at 11:22 AM by AbdeelMarketing
This is a GREAT article. I was actually reading a book the other day that went into great detail abotu how the industrial revolution caused the shift in how we go about earning a living. This was used to illustrate the point that it took fathers away from the home for extended periods of time, and how that has affected the family unit as a whole. I hope to do my part to affect change in this area and bring a LOT more dads back into the home full time.

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