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3 years ago

MLM Success - What Makes People Tick? (The Finale)

Jul 28th 2011 at 5:42 PM

Have you ever met a person that has a huge ego, and everything was all about them? All they want to do is talk about them. These people are generally the CEO's of companies, or they might be an Attorney.

When you see them, they are dress for success and prestige is what's happening with them. YOU will know it because they are going to brag all about. They set goals for themselves and they do reach them, come hell or highwater. I've just highlighted this personality type because there's a lot more I can tell you but I do want to tell you their weakness. For starters, they are very impatient and un-teachable. YOU cannot tell them anything because they know it all. I wouldn't want this type of person to join me in my business because they will want to take over and run everything. They'll run everything alright, right in the ground, then where will you be.

They don't like people who are indecisive because they generally do everything on the spur of the moment and if something doesn't work out, they will say "oh well it wasn't meant to be anyway." They will move on to the next big thing that they can find to make money. This is the way these personalities are. It's all about the "MONEY!" Remember that ego I told you they have, all they will say is, it wasn't my fault, and that's the end of that for them. Next and move on please. Oh forget that, they don't say please because of how controlling they are.  They are very bossy, and I know a few people like this, and guess what I stay away from them because I just can't put of with them. Watch out "Get out of my way" is there motto.

The only person who can put up with these people are the ones that I talked about in "Part One" on this series of articles. You might want to check it out. Well it's been fun and I got to run but before I go, I have to share something with you and I know you will like this.

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Aug 14th 2012 at 3:39 PM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
That's good words by Sir Winston, glad you liked the post. Did you check out my other articles?

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