MLM Prospecting - Why we need it & Tips and Techniques you haven't Tried

Nov 9th 2010 at 5:56 PM

Anyone who is involved in network marketing (or home based businesses) has heard of prospecting. It is the life line of anyone's business and yet most people are afraid to do so. Why is that? .............. why are people so afraid to talk to prospects? it's easy and simple my friends, the reason could be one of two things. Number one, most people are complete newbies when it comes to multi-level marketing so they have no idea what they're doing and look towards their upline for guidance. Number two, at some point in time most if not all people start to develop what I like to call (Dun dun dun!!!!!!! Lol) "Telephobia" a fear of your telephone. Believe it or not, prospecting should be fun (yes prospecting should actually be fun!) for the owner of his or her business.

If prospecting is the life blood pumping to the heart (your business), then you must prospect to keep your business alive. We start off with all of the motivation in the world but when things aren't moving like they should, motivation starts to fly out the window. In the business world our motivation is what we like to call our "WHY", why are we in business for ourselves? every now and then we have to check in with our inner being. Everyone has a reason for starting their own business, whether it's because you need extra income, you lost your job, pay down debt, whatever it is that will keep you going when times get tough is very important. Your "WHY" should make you cry point blank, if it doesn't make you cry then you haven't dug deep enough within yourself yet................ keep digging.

We are afraid of objections, yes I said it, we are afraid of objections and rejections. Often times from the very beginning we are told to make a list of our warm market and bother them until they come to one of our  parties or opportunity meetings. More so we are told that to be successful in building your network marketing business you must buy leads in most cases. Prospecting to leads thatare purchased is a complete waste of time, because its a cold market out there and they've heard it all before from your competitors. Sponsoring total strangers is not that hard to do but it takes work, not manipulation, because you do not want to come across people as a slimy sales person, but a caring individual who has a solution to their problem.

There are different ways to prospect, but the main way that many people prospect is over the phone. People make prospecting over the phone way to hard for themselves, and often times shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to discussing your business opportunity over the phone. When strangers respond to your ads online or offline, you should answer your telephone with one thing in mind, forming a relationship with that person. Don't jump the gun and give your presentation right away, take the time to get to know them, find out their goals and why they want to work from home. The first initial contact with the prospect (The 1st phone call), you should create curiosity in them, figure out just how curious  they are without being pushy. Don't have dollar signs in your eyes, or practically daydream about your paycheck while talking to prospects because they can sense that through the phone. People don't like to be sold, on anything! so if you think your going to sign up strangers left and right, your sadly mistaken.

Your approach must come from a different perspective, you were a prospect once, didn't you turn down at least 5 companies? why is that? because they were sales people. Show them the important things like how you will help them become a successful entrepreneur from home by having the right training to give them important skills. After that, the first call should end, don't give them too much on the first call, you just want them to be curious beyond recognition. The second call should be a follow-up, they should be eager to hear what comes next, some will hit you with questions like "Is this a pyramid scam?" "What is recruiting?" "What is a downline?" and other things of the sort. This would be a good time to answer those questions and tell your personal story  and or experiences to show them that your no different from them. People follow people, people do not follow products, so this business has everything to do with YOU.

Most people want to go to their boss and say "Your Fired" (Lol well they would!) and create true wealth from home and live out their dreams. If you want free mlm leads there is only one way to get them, and that is to reel them in from the simplest things like word of mouth, online communities, and social networking sites. Remember network marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business, prospects are not just a number, this is not a numbers game, people will follow people not products, personal growth is EVERYTHING. So remember, initial contact is to create curiosity and nothing else, the second call is to follow up and answer questions and tell your story and take it from there. I bet your wondering how could I possibly be giving such good advice (Oh come on, you know you do Lol) well I'll tell you. I'm receiving the most incredible training FOR FREE, I couldn't have asked for more, if you would like to receive the same training I do, then do yourself a favor and download this free ebook, click here



Tom Schreiter

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