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MLM Mindset Maintenance

Sep 13th 2010 at 2:51 PM

Being a Multi-Level Marketer is not for everyone.  There is so much “No” for every “Yes” that it is difficult to remain positive.  I have only one thing to say to you, if this is a statement that you have ever uttered…Get over it! 

Yes, you read that right…Get over it.  The psychological effect of hearing “No” frequently can be difficult, but it is no different than it is for any job that has sales at its core.  Let me tell you why I know this to be true.

I have never considered myself a “salesman”, yet for the last 17+ years I have been an Estimator and Project Manager in the commercial construction business.  “Estimator”…”Salesman”…essentially they are one and the same.  I have bid on thousands of projects over the years, ranging from $2,000 to $6,000,000 each.  Hospitals, schools, performing arts centers, high-end hotels…every type of project you can think of.  Sometimes, I bid on one or two projects per week and sometimes I have 15 bids in a week.

The one thing that is a constant across the years is the word “No”.  And it does weigh on you after hearing it over and over, especially while watching company resources dwindle. When the economy was strong, the hit ratio in my industry was as high as 4 out of 10 projects.  High enough to keep the doors open, make some decent money and keep spirits high.  When the market came crashing down, I was lucky to pick off a job every couple of months.  

During the last few years, the word “No” became a word that I heard too often and dreaded.  So when I say “Get over it”, it is not because I don’t understand how difficult it is to experience constant rejection.  I say this because you only have two choices.  You can let rejection get you down and succumb to the negative or you can pick your head up and realize that it is the same everywhere.  The ones who will prevail and excel are those with a strong work ethic, will power, and the right mindset.

In this age of scarce jobs and diminishing salaries, if you have the work ethic and will power, and your mindset is positive and confident, but employers just aren’t hiring, then you might as well trust in yourself and build your own MLM business.  The investment is minimal and, with the right marketing company, the rewards can be substantial.  If this is your mindset, then you already have committed yourself to something big…something successful.  And an MLM business is definitely something that you can make big and successful.

You must kindle the passion and enthusiasm that you have for your business.  You must believe in your products and services and you must motivate yourself and your Team to greatness.  You cannot be successful if you dwell upon the rejection or attrition.  You have to keep moving and, never, ever, take rejection personally.

This is certainly one of the greatest challenges faced by network marketers.  The fact is, however, that most people that you contact will not sign up.  This business is about numbers.  If you are signing up one in thirty people, your hit ratio is about the norm.  The attrition rate, that is the number of people who will quit after signing up, is up at about 75%, however.  This is a rather depressing statistic, but you must remain positive.  Think of it this way…if someone is not interested or quickly loses interest, then you haven’t invested much time in them.  Move on and find that person who is interested and has the flame of enthusiasm.  Have faith.  They are out there and you will eventually find them.  As I said, it is a numbers game.

When you do start to get down, contact your upline.  They understand the depression and can help to walk you through it.  Let them give you some perspective gained by experience.  It is in their best interest to invest the time in you and help you succeed.  Most will be eager to help.  When you are down, go up…upline.

Staying positive and upbeat with your downline is just as important.  Depression can poison a downline faster than anything else.  Always remain positive and help them to have the same attitude.  Nothing can destroy your hard work and downline like negativity.

There are several reasons to be excited and upbeat about your MLM business:

·         MLM  is virtually risk free and requires far less capital investment than other businesses

·         People from all walks of life can be successful with MLM.  There is no education or background required

·         There is almost no limit to the amount of money you can make

·         MLM allows you to be much more flexible with your time and spend more time with Family or doing what you really enjoy doing

·         You can operate an MLM business from your home.  This is great for people with children or those who are burned out with their normal job and commute.  With MLM you are the Boss!

You must maintain your positive MLM mindset in order to achieve success and earn the big money that MLM can bring.  Stay upbeat and remember that rejection and attrition are part of the business.  It is a numbers game that you can win, if you remain focused on reaching out to the number of people necessary to achieve your vision of success. 

Don’t hesitate to use you upline for encouragement and support and always, always do the same for your downline.

Take time every day to visualize the life that you are creating.  Five minutes a day can positively affect your results. Remember the dream that got you excited to be a network marketer in the first place.

Perform regular MLM Mindset Maintenance and you can avoid the depression pitfalls that so many in network marketing succumb to while building a thriving business.

Written by: Todd Browning, Leadership Trainer and MLM Marketer

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