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Sep 16th 2014 at 2:56 PM

Example of a job (Task) from Clixsense/Exemplo de uma tarefa no Clixsense

Task: Find or Verify Official Company URLS!
Find Official Business Website URLs
Overview In this task you will help us find official websites for businesses.
We Provide
  • Name of the Business: Business may be U.S. or Internationally based
  • Address/Additional Information
Each record will include:
    • Country where the business is located
Each record may include:
    • Street Address, City, State, and/or Zip Code
    • A potential offical website URL
  • Links to Google searches
  1. Click on the link to navigate to the company website (if provided)
  1. Verify the site is the offical website for the Business (Based off the name and address info)
  1. If a potential webpage is not provided, or the provided webpage is incorrect, use the provided links tosearch google to find an offical website for the business
  1. If you are able to find an official website, copy and paste the url into the text box
If a potentail URL is not provided, skip steps 1 and 2 Make sure to use the google search buttons featured in the job! Offical Website is an exact match if:
  • The provided company name, and the company name on the website match EXACTLY
  • US Companies: The provided Zip, City, AND/OR State matches the Zip, City, AND/Or State featured on the website
  • International Companies: The provided Country, City, AND/OR Province matches the country featured on the website
NOTE: Country alone does not constitute a match for U.S. companies Offical Website is not a match if:
  • The provided company name, and the company name on the website do not match
  • The address information matches but the name does not
  • None of the address information (Zip/City/State/Country) on the site matches the provided address information
  • The website is a directory site. (Yelp, Manta, Hoovers, insideview, etc.)
Offical Website may be a match if:
  • The address doesn't match, but the company name matches exactly, select "Yes, this is probably the official website, but the address is different".

  • Do not submit urls for Directory Sites
  • Make sure to check the 'Contact Us' page to find the address info of the website
  • If the site has multiple addresses, use any of the addresses listed to identify a match
  • If the names match, but the address information is different, select "This is probably the official website, but the address information is different"
  • If you can't find any address infomration on the website, but it seems like it is the correct offical website, select "This is probably the official website, but the address information is different"
  • If the address matches, but the name doesn't, select, "No this is not the offical website."
  • If the provided link is broken, select "No this is not the offical website."
  • Use Google Translate if the website is in a foreign language

Summary This task will ask you to find and/or verify an official company website. Please use your best judgement and the tools provided to make each decision.
Thank You!

Your good work on this assignment helps our client serve their customers better by having the most accurate information possible for businesses. Thank you for your help!

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