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Mar 23rd 2012 at 6:18 AM

Of course when a company is in pre-launch or pre-enrollment there is normally a lot of confusion attached with it. With this post I will attempt to clear up some of that confusion with what I've learned sofar about Minerva Place. Everything you read here is not written in stone because corporate is working hard making changes for the better but I believe I have a pretty good handle on recent events because since Minerva Place will be my new Primary business our Facebook group is pretty much up to date.

1. Autoship: If you've been around for any ammount of time online you'll know that autoship can be a deal breaker, I don't call it auto ship, I call it auto debt. Newbies have just learned how to turn a computer on and they're expected to become an instant sales person, gimmie a break.

2. Training: This is another deal breaker especially for newbies, if you have no training or product knowledge you're fighting a losing battle. Minerva Place has taken this into account and have put together a comprehensive training program together. A step by step Marketing program along with conference calls, an easy to navigate corporate blog, a Facebook corporate site and a few other great training modules.

3. Business Cost: Minerva Place knows the problems of the economy and have answered this issue with making Minerva Place affordable for the masses. If you take a look around the internet at some of these Home Businesses you'll soon find that its all about taking your money, knowing that most will just give up and quit, they could care less because its a numbers game to them. Although Minerva Place is a business, they seem to have taken all this into account.

4. Is The Site Powerful? I've seen a ton of Home Business sites in my time online and have seen only a handful of sites with this kind of high quality. Most sites I've seen are too busy with too much going on, confusing tabs, hard to find call to action tabs, non selling colors assaulting your eyes, no rhyme or reason to the site map, annoying pop ups that won't allow you to navigate the site unless you opt-in, auto start annoying videos that won't allow you to navigate the site unless you watch the whole mess of a video. The Minerva Place site is a well thought out powerful site that people will feel compelled to visit several times a day.

5. What If I Don't Want To Sell? That's fine and Minerva Rewards has taken that fact into account, If you don't want to sell that's your right and you can become a customer or just recieve our newsletter that's chock full of information. You can buy from your site and save 5% on all purchases, you can take advantage of our coupons, you can give your friends and family your page link and recieve further savings. Minerva Place will never pressure you to sell if you don't want to, that's what our affiliate program is for. All you have to do is sign up to our Premier package and pay $19 for the whole year for this bonus plan.

6. When Will Minerva Place Launch? In a few weeks Minerva Place will take the internet by storm and will be on the lips of everyone wondering where we came from. At the moment we're putting everything in place for launch time, this is no game, Minerva Place wants to become your go to site when you think of health, wellness, diet, beauty, fashion and weight loss. There is no central go to site for this until now.

7. Is Minerva Place In The uS? You better believe we are, no P.O. box here, Minerva Place will be accessible to everyone. We're boldly all over the place with a .com not a .info, look it up. Our Facebook presence alone makes it possible to get answers without even going through corporate for answers. Some of our Facebook  group owners are in constant contact with corporate people so no problem there with lack of communication. Minerva Place have great pains to make sure we don't get them confused with some of these other businesses that you can't contact or who leave you with vauge questions in your mind.

8. Final Analysis: Minerva Place is not playing any games here, they have way too much invested to waste time, we will never press people to join us but if you're tired of the pie in the sky promises you may want to pre-enroll because you have absolutely nothing to lose because we're free during this period. Is this some kind of trick to get your email address? We don't have time for that nonsense, you have a choice, you can take a chance and join us or you can wait until launch day, watch us take over the niche and wish you joined when you had the chance. I don't candy coat when it comes to business, you either jump on this Horse and ride or watch the Horse ride past you.

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