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I just love internet surfing: That is what I do most of the time. Before this mania started I was an avid reader. I love cooking, some social work, raising kids. I do some gardening during summer. Just like anybody else I stay busy as much as I can and out of trouble. I am not an extremist, but little religious. If time permits I love walking or some workouts. That is it for now.
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Mind Body Interactions!!!!

Sep 1st 2010 at 4:21 PM
Hi Everybody,The mind and body interactions in powerful ways can affect a person's health. The digestive system is profoundly controlled by the mind (brain). Anxiety, depression and fear dramatically affect the functions of the system. Social and psychologic stress can trigger a wide variety of diseases. Researches revealed these factors; Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, even Multiple Sclerosis are products of stress and anxiety to certain extent. But the only data that still pending is how different diseases are affected by different levels of stress.Most people believe that emotional stress can either trigger or alter the course of major diseases, they say this either from intution or personal experience. Whatever others or science say, we all know emotions affect  heart rate, sleep patterns, hunger,  thirst or bowel habits...  Nobody know  how they do this yet. The pathways and mechanisms of brain and immune system interactions are only aiming to be identified.  It is remarkable that the mind alone alter the activity of White Blood Cells. These are immune response, because White Blood Cells travel through the body in blood or lymph. They are not attached to neurons. Inspite of this the brain communicate with White Blood Cells, as we see when people get depressed their immunity go down and may catch a common cold or flu. Also stress can cause anxiety, which in turn releases epinephrine results in increased heart rate, high Blood Pressure, rarely stroke. It has been proved that muscle spasms, head ache , shoulder pain, stomach pain etc are all byproducts of stress and anxiety. (Not always. Also may be associated with pathologic conditions ) Like we all know mind body interaction is a two way traffic, one can produce, trigger or contribute to the development, or existence of the other. Stress can cause disease ; Likewise disease like cancer or AIDS can cause stress.  All this depend on a person's thinking or mood. If a person think positively inspite of all the hardships he has, or has been, he can avoid lot of stress and anxiety and associated diseases. On the other hand if one is worried about everything, and think negatively affects his health and emotional and physical wellbeing. Imagine seeing a glass half full or half empty. Seeing half full is positive, half empty is considered as negative, We all know this. A pessimistic outlook towards health, and well being, finances, or having the feeling of helpnessness and hopelessness is linked to 19% increased risk of death. So as we strive to achieve money and material possessions , we need to keep in mind that  swimming without water is impossible. So setting up realistic goals and expecting reasonable sucess can keep us free from stress and disease, also we can live a long life enjoing our hard earned money.Article related to The Merck Manual Of Medical Information: 2nd edition.
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Sep 6th 2010 at 3:24 PM by yhbecpublisher
Hello beautiful, did you know that if after you copy and paste the article you can press enter to create paragraphs? It will make the article easier to read. Right now for me, it's too boxed together to read...8-D...Soroya

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