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Mighty People!

Aug 10th 2011 at 11:15 PM

I am putting together a small group of people that want to coordinate as a team for the mutual goals of building their OWN network (for their own purpose) Helping people and making money. If this sounds good click here:
Free to join. If your a musician, a writer, into health, etc you will have access to a weekly radio show. This is just ONE of the many features Mighty People have!

Mighty People has many categories that can be for a wide range of people. Come browse and see what Mighty People has to offer for you! Free to join.

The benefits of joining:

Step 1 – You will have to register with "Mighty People" and take the free trial offer to get qualified to become a member of “Mighty People”. This will cost you nothing. You'll get paid $20 per person when you have others do the same. When they come in you will be their sponsor and will get credit for them signing up. This applies once you have registered and qualified. You will not have to try anymore offers in the step 1 process.

Step 2 – You will get paid $15 just to signing-up in Step 2. When you complete the step 2 process and bring in (1) person you will get paid $60.

You have just made $75 with no out-of-pocket cost or expense to you or your partner that you have brought in.

Step 3 – In step 3 if you have 5 people under you by now you can take them all at once into step 3 and get paid $100.

Let's summarized!

Step 1 – You joined and get qualified and now you making $20 per person.

Step 2 – You get $15 for just signing up and $60 per person when they sign-up and qualify.

Step 3 – When you bring in at least 5 people that you signed-up to step 3 you get paid $100.

Your total for completing the 3 step is $195 per person.

But, let go back for a moment. You have just completed step 3 with 5 sign-ups or 5 new members to “Mighty People”.

The total for 5 new sign-ups is:

Step 1 $20 x (5) sign-ups = $100

Step 2 $15 + $60=$75, $60 x (5) sign-ups =$300 + $100 (step1) =$415

Step 3 (5) sign-ups =$100 = Your total $515

That's $515 with no out-of-pocket expense. Do you think if you help your business partners get 5 people and help them make $515 with no out-of-pocket expense do you think they would be willing to stay in your current business? Absolutely! The beauty of this is that it didn't cost you or them a dime. If they got 5 people per month for 12 months that would be $6015 per year. Can they stay in your business making $6000 per year? Can $6000 help you get into the business of your dreams and keep you in it? Of course it can, so why are thinking about this?

My friends there are about 5 more steps. These other steps will help you to build your business, income and down-line. The rest of the 5 steps all allow you to make residual income. You will simply be under a residual income plan that will help you make money off the efforts of others. If you didn't have a down-line $515 a month would help you to get started in almost any internet home business.

I'm going to skip the next 3 step and go the last 2 step. You will make $200 per person in both.

That my friends is $200 x 5 = $1000 x 2 = $2000 + $515 = $2,515. How does $2,515 per month sound? This is based on 5 people and this is just an estimates. The amount of money that you could actually make is so much more because there are bonuses that have are not been included in this estimate.

Did you notice anything? You haven't even gotten them in your current business, yet you have prospered. You're just having them join “Mighty People” and taking them through the “Mighty People”wealth-building system. The beauty of this is that if you take each person that wanted to join your business through this system you will quadruple your profits in no time at all. You would make them a profit and they would be more than ecstatic to join your business.

This is the real deal. My friend everything is setup for your success. This is just the beginning. It's a no-brainier. If you got 20 people to register with "Mighty People"and join the first 3 steps this is what your check would look like with no auto-ship or a minimum $10 month fee, (estimate) $500 x 20 = $10,000. If you added the $15 then it would come to $10,015.That's just the first 3 steps. I'm going to stop here and invite you to register now with “Mighty People” before you get overwhelmed by the figures.

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