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3 years ago

Method Of Preparing and Consuming Tongkat Ali

Jul 24th 2011 at 6:15 AM

Method Of Preparing and Consuming Tongkat Ali The whole plant can be used. However, the root is the most potent. The real power stuff, the alkoloids sit mostly in the root. You get some in the bark as well as in the stem and some elsewhere in the plant. This is why the root is particularly esteemed amongst the village folk.

The active ingredients of Tongkat Ali are soluble in water. Traditionally, in Malaysia it is brewed as a kind of very bitter coffee, prepared from the chipped root of the Tongkat Ali plant. Extracting the active ingredients is best done by brewing the chipped root for about 30 minutes. High quality Tongkat Ali extract is produced from chipped root.

Used For Aphrodisiac, Fever, Malaria, High-Blood Pressure, Increased Energy and Stamina

-Cut the roots into small pieces (chipped roots)  -Put several pieces in a cup  -Pour boiling water into the cup  -Cover the cup  -Can also slow boil it for around 20 to 30 minutes  -Drink when cool or use it to make coffee  -The herbal drink is colorless and bitter to taste  -Drink 2-3 glasses a day, drink at least 4 hours before bed. Do not drink before bed, otherwise you will not be able to sleep.  -You can continue to pour boiling water until the bitterness of the herbal drink disappear.

Used as Antiseptic On Open Sore or Wound

-Boil the chipped roots  -When cool, apply the solution directly on the sore or wound  -Reapply when necessary.

Beware: Do not consume saw dust capsules because our stomach could not adjust to the raw hard wood. Besides that it can cause complication to the stomach.

Recommendation: It is best to take extract or essence of Tongkat Ali but how pure is the extract is beyond our knowledge. I would recommend making your own herbal drink from raw Tongkat Ali roots. Our raw Tongkat Ali products are high in quality and you will also know that it is genuine.


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