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Merry Christmas Jordan Bred 11s 2012

Dec 20th 2012 at 4:15 AM

Two days ago bought double power tag back creek shoes quality is very good oh! Wearing a comfortable, sole than general back creek shoes thick some, also can when climbing shoes luo, ha ha!Simple is beauty, simple is true, watching the little shoes ", my most sincere feelings is: the plot is very simple, very simple characters, asing if is real life well as the true story happened, but not a SOB, truly, truly touched you let your tears let you and the characters with have...
Prose it originalThe film is based on poor old Iran back street as a background, based on a typical ali, mainly around the ali lost sister Sarah just fill good little shoes to sister after commitment will help her find her shoes and her secret exchange only wear a pair of shoes to go to school (ali and sister go to school time just separation) story unfold, it through the children's visual reflected the social bottom Iran people's life outlook. They live though poor, but they kind-hearted, very optimistic and cheerful. Although home even buy food to open account, boiled soup don't forget to send some to the neighbor; The mosque of sugar will never take a little for oneself with; Though he had no shoes also will not bear to the house of the blind girl order bred 11s onlinereturn to shoes... And so on these small plot reflect their spiritual content rich.In ali body, we see more is his adult of mature and sensible - the courage to bear responsibility, hard-working struggle, strong self-esteem. When his sister to lost shoes tell dad, he just said: "I am not afraid of dad rant, you tell him is useless, he also have no money to buy you new shoes."

Do young only nine years old he clearly know his family circumstances difficult: mom, dad work ill small income, and home also credit food account owe the rent... He doesn't want to because his own mistakes and give dad add burden, he decided to use my young shoulders to bear this responsibility - for sister find little shoes or try to give her covering a pair of shoes. When he was once again return to shop for shoes didn't help my mother work is dad misunderstanding to lambaste, he injustice to cry, but he said nothing, you know, in order to take care of mother, help my mother work, again and again, he refused the invitation of friends, jordan retro 11 bred for saleeven the game also didn't go to...... And when the younger sister can't back in time and he change a shoe, let him be late director was criticized, nor did he quarrels with his sister a sound. When the third time he was late director shall be ordered to drop out of school, he will not tell him why he was late, but sadly in tears request director to give him a chance. At that time I thought: why doesn't he go out of his difficulties? If the director know, will be considerate of him, still perhaps can help him to solve the problem. Then a thought, I understand, that is because - self-esteem! In fact child's self-esteem is also very strong, like ali boy let alone, he bear and self-esteem, he don't others cheap sympathy, he knows "sufferings not compassion capital, struggle is the most valuable". In order to get a pair of shoes this prize, he begged PE teacher for him to join the closing date for application has the long distance race, is also the success through the physical testing, to let the teacher promised.
The heroine Sara is a lovely sensible child. In the mother's illness, she and ali almost all the chores are all finished, most importantly, she hold promise, no matter what also didn'tpre order jordan bred 11s tell dad said throw shoes, are willing to wear ali those dirty and big shoes to go to school. Although she is very care about others see her eyes, always tightly staring at the athletic shoes, shrink the feet, afraid of students smiled at her, but she still stand in the shy. Every time I see little she dragged big shoes a class is grabbed his bag in a hurry to lane home run of the lens, the in the mind will have a very sour feeling. Long lane, small feet dragging big shoes, don't know how she hard difficult to run the! She ran tired, gasping for breath, but she did not stop to rest a moment, she knew, the elder brother had in the lane that has anxiously waiting for her... Ali worry, she also worry, my door with worry, wanted to give her strength, let her run faster and more easily! Once, she ran too impatient.actually, a heart, a shoe fell into sewer, water too fast, she couldn't pick up the shoes, she pre order jordan 11was worried, but only with the flow direction of the chase, and now she is not only worry eldest brother was late for school, more is afraid of lost shoes - this is her brother and sister both only a pair of shoes to wear to school. Fortunately, a man to help her pick up shoes shoes, we hanging heart also finally fell in. In fact she had complained to ali, said to tell dad lost shoes, but when ali the teacher award ball-point pen to her, she grin laughed, supinely begin, happily to ali said: "I'm not going to tell dad!" . What a lovely a little girl!
In ali, brother and sister, we not only saw "the poor children early master", mature side, at the same time also see their tong zhen tong qu side. When they are washed shoes, could not help being blown up bubbles, childlike innocence reveal. Oh, they had more happy! A soap bubble blowing out from their hands, flash the sun, reflecting their smiling face, a yard full of scud, how happy beautiful picture, like like dream. At this moment, they are no longer small adults, and complete a little child, they immersed in the joy, forget distress, everything for them are so beautiful...... Look at the plot of ali after the race, he wanted to have to get a pair of shoes to third sister, but not careful to run the first, the sister promise cannot come true, he sadly cry. When the photographer to him and the teacher photos, he's head also doesn't lift, but tears down, and his teacher was grinning from ear to ear, is unaware of ali's sadness.pre order bred 11s A cry for a laugh, how bright contrast, in the adult body, we also see the child's innocence!
The end of the movie, ali eventually failed to give younger sister covering a pair of shoes, he dragged their body back to home, take off the shoes, is full of vesicles feet out of the water, holding the leg head buried very low. At this time, a group of goldfish swim to his feet, put a tail, like understand ali like, kissed his feet, and comforted him... But this time, father in the shop to buy a pair of shoes is will ride home... The end, leaving a lot of space to imagine and everything again all made good hope...
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