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Mental Shift Marketing

Mar 4th 2011 at 6:52 PM

What is mental shift marketing you ask? I'm glad you asked because I'm about to let you in on something, mental shift marketing is not a new concept,its not an idea, its not a fallacy, its not a system, its not a scam, its simply what its called, a mental shift. You have to make this mental shift if you're to survive in this Network Marketing arena or you're wasting your time. How do you know when the mental shift happens to you? Is mental shift marketing a feeling? Mental shift marketing in my book happens to you in a subtle way, pretty soon after awhile of being online and learning certain things, you feel a change within yourself. You may wake up one morning and go about your normal daily routine but in the back of your mind you feel something is different about your thinking this particular morning.

You'll turn on your computer and all of a sudden everything will be different, you won't feel the urge to play computer games, you won't find it necessary to waste huge blocks of time on the computer anymore, you'll visit websites and get a completely different outlook on the site, you'll look for keywords and wonder how this site got so high on the Google rankings. You may want to try your hand at creating your own website, you may want to delve into the SEO aspect of Google and begin to ask yourself certain questions but one thing will be certain, you won't be the same person you were before. You'll still be considered a newbie but you'll know for sure why you're online and before long you'll know exactly what you want to do to manage your time. Stay tuned for more on my take on Mental Shift Marketing.

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