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Mens Titanium Rings Great For That Special Someone

Apr 9th 2015 at 1:51 AM


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Titanium is a silver colored chemical element with atomic number 22 and the chemical symbol Ti. It was discovered in 1791 by Willian Gregor in England. It was then named after the Titans of Greek mythology by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Titanium is strong, lustrous and has a very low density; it is often called the space age element. The unique quality of titanium is that it is a transition metal that is corrosion resistant with aqua regia, sea water and chlorine. Titanium is alloyed with metals like aluminum, iron, molybdenum, vanadium etc. to produce light weight but strong alloys for use in various industries like aerospace, automotive, industrial processes, medical equipment, military equipment, agri-food industries, mobile phones, sporting goods, jewelry and various other applications.




Titanium has been started to be used in jewelry in recent times. Quality titanium jewelry may last for a lifetime. Men's titanium rings have become popular for wedding and various other occasions. Titanium is very sturdy and at the same time is very light weight thus making Titanium jewelry a most preferred choice. Titanium jewelry is apt for regular use and is very easy to maintain without the worry of wearing out or damage. Other metals like silver, gold or white gold may require some maintenance and care as they get damaged easily unlike titanium.


Most of the titanium rings come with diamonds making it a great combination defining style and elegance. Titanium is very gentle and safe on human skin. It is one metal that is most bio-compatible. It is also totally resistant to all body fluids that are the usual culprits of metal damage in jewelries. Easy maintenance, sturdiness and corrosion resistance makes titanium a perfect choice for jewelry. Titanium jewelry is also completely hypoallergenic adding to a great comfort and long lasting choice. With such huge benefits titanium jewelry, especially the titanium rings have become much desirable.


The titanium rings range from wedding bands to other fashionable rings The titanium wedding rings come in various elegant styles and designs. The men's titanium rings have a huge demand as they are most preferred gifts by women for their men. The titanium rings can also be gifted for various occasions like fathers day, mothers day, Valentines Day, graduation day etc. but before gifting a ring one must consider many things.




It is very important that you know the taste and choice of the person you are gifting. A ring that is liked by one may not be liked by the other in the same way. You must also consider lifestyle and environment before selecting a design. If you want the person to wear the ring on a daily basis then you must consider the physical activities involved by the person in choosing the right design. Men's titanium rings reflect style and sturdiness. From choosing the design you must also consider the personality and style of the man. If the man is simple then it is very wise to go for the simple designs than the fashionable ones.
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