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Medical Gadgets For Home Use

Sep 9th 2014 at 11:33 PM

4 Top Medical Gadgets For Home Use
When we are sick or injured, it is well known that we heal better at home. Coupled with the high costs of medical care, we often look for gadgets that can help us avoid going to the doctor. These 4 medical gadgets are things that can make a difference in our home medical care.

1. Neck Firming Stimulator - This device firms up the muscles of the neck, which will help diminish sagging skin and wrinkles. It uses dual electrode nodules that are inside the two handheld units, it emits mild electrical micro-currents that are harmless. The micro-currents gently contract the muscles of the neck and leaves you with firmer skin.

Based on the same technology that beauty estheticians use, it stimulates deep into muscles and increases subcutaneous blood circulation and oxygenation.

2. Rejuve Electronic Cigarettes - Ever since most states have passed smoking bans in public places, smoking has lost it favor. Once, a part of the fashion statement and looking “cool”, the health issues associated with smoking are well known. There are several smoking cessation products out there, but the latest rage is the electronic cigarette.

The Rejuve Electronic cigarette delivers the same amount of nicotine as some of the ultra-light traditional cigarettes, there is none of the harmful tar, smoke and other toxins that traditional cigarettes have. Cheaper than most other electronic cigarettes at $5- $7 per cigarette, this could mean it will be easier to wean yourself off of regular cigarettes and may be able to quit altogether.

3. Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt - Women hate their periods. We get moody, bloated and mostly we get cramps that can make activities difficult. The Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt offers relief without medications, batteries or electrical power. You simply have to put on the belt, lies on your side and use the adjustable mechanism to increase the tension in the two compression pads against the hips.

This applies pressure to the ligaments of the hips, which can become tense during menstruation. Relaxing these ligaments, a 15 minute session can offer hours of relief. This nice thing is that this can be done as often as necessary without any ill effects.

4. Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever - Back pain accounts for more emergency room and urgent care visits than almost any other reason. Using a streamlined cordless electrotherapy system that will deliver hours of pain relief without the use of medications, it uses the same type of pain relief as the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). It blocks the pain signals at the brain. Thin and flexible, it does not impede movement and can be worn underclothing.

Coming with 40 pads, each set will last for 5 applications. This supply should last for at least 3 months and is powered by AAA batteries. Costing only $200, this is one thing that can make treating back pain at home easy.

We all like to be able to handle our medical symptoms at home when we can. These 4 medical devices that you can use at home may make a trip to the doctor unnecessary and you may not have to worry about using harmful drugs that may be addictive.

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