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1 month ago

Marketing Tip #3

Sep 16th 2010 at 6:33 PM

You have picked a Primary Business and chosen a Mentor.  Now it is time to get started marketing your new business.  You will need to find some dependable tools.  There are many free tools out there to use but if you are serious about your Internet business, you will want to pick a few stable and productive paid products.  Products you can count on to be there years down the road.

If you plan on marketing via Safe List, Text Ad Exchanges, Traffic Exchanges or social media, you will need to get a splash page maker.  Why?  Because this is the tool you will use to get a prospect interested in finding out more information about your business.  By using a splash page or capture page, you will grab their attention and leave them wanting more.  This is my number one marketing tool.

I use Instant Splash. There are three main reasons I have chosen Instant Splash.  First, it was free to join.  I joined for free, found out how easy it was to use, then I upgraded to pro.  Free members can make 5 free splash pages.  Pro members can make an unlimited number of splash / capture pages for $9.95 each month.  Second, they have incorporated the Traffic Wave auto responder in to their capture pages.  (More on this in a minute.)  And Third, they have a good affiliate program.  If any of my referrals upgrade to Pro, I will make a $5 commission each month they stay active.  It only takes two Pro referrals to totally pay for my number one marketing tool.  I highly recommend Instant Splash.  Take a look and try it for free.  If you like the tool, you can upgrade later like I did myself.  (View Instant Splash Here)

The next tool I use is an auto-responder.  There are several auto-responders on the market.  I would suggest you investigate them all and choose one which is right for you.  I personally use Traffic Wave.  There are two main reasons I have chosen Traffic Wave.  The first reason I mentioned briefly above.  Traffic Wave and Instant Splash will work together.  I can incorporate all my auto-responder campaigns with capture pages I make at Instant Splash.  It is very simple, just a copy and paste.  The second reason is the price for the product.  It is $17.95 a month for unlimited campaigns with unlimited subscribers.  You will not find a price this good anywhere else.  To find out more about auto-responders and Traffic Wave, Click Here. I will mention that Traffic Wave has an affiliate program but that is not why I use this product.

There you have it.  These are my two main marketing tools.  Every marketer will develop a favorite tool or technique.  I use Instant Splash to get the prospects attention and I use Traffic Wave to build my list and stay in touch with my prospects and clients.  For more information on Marketing Techniques and Strategies, check out

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