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About Me

Hello, my name is Anette Hultman. I live in south Sweden.
Looking for social networking with likeminded people among
the internet marketing world.

I have two kids. One daughter 23 years old and moved from home.
One son, 19 still live at home. My son has ADHD and Autism, so
there are lot of work mothering him. But I love it, I love my kids
so you do what you have to do to make them healthy and do well.

Ofline I am a assitance nurse for elderly care. Online I
own and administrate two traffic exchanges.
and I have a degree in industral management
but about time I was done in school I did not get a ofline job
so I had to relearn another profession, assistance nurse and I
love my job.

I read books, I listen to music, I watch movies.
I even sing myself. I love writing in my blog and chatting.
You can always find me on skype ; anette.hultman

I lsiten to most music styles. It varies depending on my
emotional moods. But when ever I am online I mostly put
on a record with different music from the 50 & 60.

I like vary movies. Mostly I like thriller and Scary movies.
The latest move I saw on cinema was the third addition of
twilight saga.

I read in periods, that is, in times I read a lot and for a
time I do not read at al. Favorite books is criminal stories.
Anette | Anette
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Marketing Reasearch - Find me - I am a NICHE!

Aug 7th 2010 at 2:34 AM

Yes you are not crazy, I am a NICHE. I am a big woman size in clothing. I need clothing in size 2XL at least. Unfortunately the modern clothing world seems to think there is now value to actually offer me great cloting in my size to a fair price. Clothing in the size I need are far more expensive then the normal size are. That leave me to shop on SALES. But, then I get clothing no longer modern, and without to many options, as most options are sold out already. I have to settel with what is left. This is typical for the audiance, not being offered what they actually need. The NICHE I am - I need modern clothing to fair price. This is a lack when I get emails from the cloting supplier where I do my shopping online. Most offers are for tiny small people. And it has been even worse lately with the standard size that the clothing industry have set. One size made in china may not match the size in Sweden. Now, how on the earth should YOU know what YOUR audience are interested in? Easy! Do a MARKET RESEARCH. Ask your audience what they want, what they need and what they actually would buy. Using market research will help you find out what the NICHE are amoung your audience. However, if you got it, keep it. Do not make it untouchble for YOUR audience. If you do YOU will only loose them. I like my cloting company becouse they do offer extra value to me in their email marketing strategy. As a close customer I always get extra. For example, if I buy for a certain amount I get discounts on what I buy. Sometimes they offer free stuff if I for example place an $10 order. Once I got a coffee mashine, that is great, is it not? That is the main reason I rather shop clothing online than go to a actual store, you do not get extra value buying from the stores, exept buy three pay for two wich only trick you to buy more than you need. What I am trying to implement here is: The more you offer your NICHE AUDIENCE - the more value for YOU, as the audience keep comming back. So to know, how to know what your audience need, the NICHE, do a Market Research. I am sure there is a program to use for researches, however, if you have a blog you can easaly ad question widget to your blog audience.

Please to comment
Aug 7th 2010 at 3:41 AM by Anette
Thanks, yes examles is a good way to show better how to do things. Use it all the time.
Aug 7th 2010 at 3:38 AM by yhbecpublisher
Hello Anette, fantastic article with a great example for us to understand how to better serve our own customers. :-) Soroya

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