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Malware and How to Protect your PC

Feb 22nd 2011 at 7:59 AM

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There is a war going on. Behind the scenes cyber criminals are attacking your PC and stealing personal information. Whether is Malware, Spyware, or a Trojan horse, it’s important to keep your PC safe. Programs like FinallyFast and SpywareStriker are great ways to keep your PC clean and your information secure.

What is Malware?

Malware is a malicious software which is designed to access a computer without the owner’s consent.  Spyware, Trojan horses, viruses and worms are all considered Malware. Malware is usually a part of cyber crime, by stealing information like bank accounts from your PC. Malware is usually passed from user to user by email and more recently through social networking sites like Facebook.

What is Spyware?

Spyware does what it sounds like; it spies on your PC. Whether it is to steal your information like credit cards and bank account information, or simply to get passwords, Spyware is a huge security threat and a huge issue for computers. Often times Spyware will be completely hidden from the user of the PC and is very difficult to detect. As Spyware works it slowly steals various types of personal information, it can also change computer settings, install other software and redirect browser activity on the Web. A AOL and National Cyber-Security Alliance, study in 2005, found 61 percent of users’ computers were infected with spyware of some form (“AOL/NCSA Online Safety Study”, America Online & The National Cyber Security Alliance. 2005.) Spyware is not like viruses and worms in that it does not self-replicate usually. For more information check out

What is a Trojan Horse?

You might think a Trojan Horse was just a part of a book where the Greeks had fun playing a trick on the Trojan’s. A computer Trojan works much the same way as the Greeks famous Horse, it pretends to be something else. Most computer users click on what they think is a desired program and install it and never become wiser. The Trojan horse will conceal a harmful or malicious payload (meaning another program like spyware, worms, or viruses). The payload goes to work immediately. For more information check out

What Can You Do?

Although firewalls and anti-viruses can stop many things from getting into your PC, there are many things that can get through those systems. Many programs that run behind-the-scenes can often get around firewalls and anti-virus software. The best thing is to get a Spyware Scan that can look things that are hiding in your system behind the scenes, undetected. SpywareStriker Pro is an amazing Spyware Scan that eliminates Spyware and Malware from your system. Spyware Striker Pro includes CounterSpy scan engine. This Award-Winning scan has been awarded the CNET Editor’s Choice Award as: “the only antispyware product that correctly identified every piece of spyware… It did very well in active scanning, on-demand detection, and complete spyware removal.” In another words it is kind of like James Bond for your PC. You can check out SpywareStriker Pro at FinallyFast or by clicking here.

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Mar 2nd 2011 at 12:37 PM by doddee
Thank you Ascentive, This is a great article.
Feb 24th 2011 at 1:03 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Ascentive: Thank you for posting this important and informative information on how to protect your PC. I'm sure many PC owners think their PC is protected, but it is wise to take the steps to make certain it is fully covered. GT :-)

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