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Making Paypal Money Online

Jan 19th 2012 at 8:45 AM

Solutions to making paypal money online and a living from home

Solutions for making money online from home with youtube, advertising programs and your own website.Three solid foundations to building a constant reliable online income.

Since 2009 i have been searching for ways to make money online and trying out every different sort of scheme that i thought would make me a fast buck.

Lets face it, if your new to the "game" that's what i call making money online, your first idea is to search on google for "MAKE MONEY ONLINE" and yes up pops around 1billion websites promising you a Ferrari parked outside the brand new house you can buy if you sign up and invest so many $$$ in a week.

I think we have all been there at some point, i will admit i never signed up to any program that asked straight out for my hard earned cash (i do have a day job), but like maybe most of you i tried the obvious ptc,referral programs etc etc etc, well i could take up the rest of the article with the methods i have tried.

In my experience it takes a load of hard work and dedication, there are no fast ways to make a fortune online. So im going to start off with the methods i use, i do not make a fortune but just enough to pay for the odd holiday or two.

My Top 3 Ways To Make An Online Income


Recently i installed a sortation system for dhl (my day job) , a major worldwide parcel delivery company and decided to take a few videos with my cell phone. Now I'm no david lean but after placing them on youtube through my google account i could see the real time money making potential of display videos.

With youtube the earning potential is huge with an audience of millions and the right video that could go viral the skys the limit.

YouTube supply the advertising via google so the work input by yourself in minimal.

Make Paypal Money With Websites

Owning your own website and more importantly your own domain name i.e is another vital tool to being an online success and making paypal money

Forget signing up to if you have a great idea for a website and a few bucks spare invest it in your own domain name and create a website full of rich fresh content and ideas.

Much more hard work than youtube admittedly! but if shown with commitment to deliver a product your website will reap great rewards through advertising (below) and affiliate marketing.


Advertising is all around us, we live breathe and eat it. From the moment we wake up and turn the television or computer on its there, the advertising we see makes up a great part of what we use, what we wear and in fact if you take a closer look advertising may control our every day choices we make in our normal day to day lives.

This is where with the right website you come in! Advertising networks like google (if you allow them) can place relevant ads on your website which in turn will make you revenue.

If your website is popular and has a great following you can make a descent living from advertising but as i stated above this is not a fast way to making money, it can be if you spend time and hard work in updating there is money to be made.

These simple 3 methods will in my experience make you money, maybe not a fortune but with hard work and commitment may well pay for your next holiday.


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Jan 31st 2016 at 11:17 PM by jaynemein
thanks a lots for this interesting article post...

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