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Money!! Selling to make money, and then again money.
boiler | boiler
SCAMMING. Yes I have been there!! I received messages via Alibaba frm suppliers of tvs, so I put some to Auction on E-bay and E bid and having taken orders I passed them to (what I thoug

Making money on the web, is it that easy?

Jul 30th 2010 at 12:02 PM

   The real truth and to put it bluntly is NO. How many times have you been sent e-mails saying ow to make money (anything from £600 to £1500 per week) yes I can guess I have had them! but now they are making advances as I am getting them in the post. On the other hand ( before you start shouting) there are exceptions.

                  So I can already hear your questions, NO, I do not make millions on the web, (yet), I can only make suggestions how it is done, if you are unsure how to start, you may need a tutor, mine was called Taylor at but let me warn you this costs real money! My result is I must admit that it took time and a lot of work, from not only the typing and set up but also the research.

                   Many people will say you have to find your own "niche" my immediate thought was what in hell is that! but then you read and research that some people say it is selling what other people are not ( not only a stupid statement, but what is not being sold these days), other advice is to sell something you really know about, so should there be questions about your product, you can give instant answers and I feel this is excellent advice. On the other hand you are still stuck, possibly you do not know sufficient information on any one product, short answer is research on the web.

                    Take a look at the different products I have listed on the above site, amongst them you will find TVs, and no I am not a TV engineer, so look at the info I publish with each individual product, research. Another part of setting up is to look at the profit you are making, it is silly to sell something that only makes "coppers" for profit, as you have to take in postage, what you pay for tutorial, and many other overheads.

                     So now you have to source a product, you find what you want, you now have to make "keywords for search engines on the web, (there are free web tools out there) and you find in search on Google or elsewhere of your keywords which show there are 20,000,000 million results for that word (These are all your competitors) Given up yet? then don't, your tutor will show you the way round it. Another point, you have found a source for the item you wish to sell, write down the prices (or print them off) and do a search on the prices your products are being sold at!! you will be amazed at how much you can undercut, and still make a healthy profit.

                       Be warned if you start with a good tutor stick with it, for your rewards are not instantaneous, but will gradually pick up, no they are not overnight wonders it just ain't like that.

                        Want a laugh?? go to click on Haricot beans (bottom of left hand menu) and read my joke at the bottom, thias is another of my web sites and I promise you I am selling nothing on it, in fact the information published on the pages is all my research. Ever heard of a donut peach (no I ain't kidding) look on the page of peaches and read the info on the Saturn peach.

                       Want more on web sites, put it in your reply to this article.

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Aug 4th 2010 at 10:43 AM by boiler
James you kindly responded to my web build up, firstly people think I am good!! but in truth I ain't that good, cos i can't put a picture of me on the web, yes it's cos I ain't that good, also I am not the brightest of computer wizz kids ( that could have someting to do with my many-many years old) so please don't think I am hiding!! On the other hand I used a mentor to get my sites up and running and although it was explained to me on the phone (together with the inter-connection of computers- I say this as my mentor could move my cursor around to show what was meant) but I always needed an e-mail, so it was written down for me to understand. Don't get me wrong, for I believe that there are many people that can pick up on computers very easy and understand the info,techs and so on far better than I.
Aug 4th 2010 at 9:39 AM by onqglobal
Hey, maybe just maybe you haven't settle on just the right Choice Decision pic in your Branding... I Need to see the pic of the person responsible for the article above, Tell the Truth... there are eyes of readers out here! tuvm, Continue Prosperously, james l burnett jr | onqglobal Postscript: may not know about the sister-site:

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