Got Pain? Why?

Making Money In The Pain Industry

Oct 9th 2010 at 10:51 AM

There is money in pain.  Lots of it.  In normal times, pain is a bustling business, but now it seems to be off the charts.  The health industry in general is a popular, lucrative business.  Would you like a business in the pain field?  How about one where there is no overhead to speak of and the product is amazingly good?

Do you want to make money with RTPR?   You never, EVER have to put money in to make money.  There are people getting commission checks every month who never put money in.  But one of our affiliates sold over $1,300 worth of RTPR over the last few days.  How did she do it?

She took a little risk.

“You can’t sell from an empty shelf.” It’s an age-old adage.  A truism.  It’s common sense.  If you hand someone a sample of RTPR, and they LOVE it, they’re going to want to buy it right then and there.  If not, not.

So if they want to buy, what are their options?

  1. Go online, and use your Promo Code to get a free gift with purchase, earning you a 20% commission.
  2. Call the toll-free number and use your Promo Code to get a free gift with purchase, earning you a 20% commission.
  3. Buy direct from you, earning you a 50% profit.  But you’ll never get that if you don’t have anything to sell.

I’d strongly urge you to stock at least a little bit of product because: a) you’ll make immediate sales, and b) if you put your Promo Code on the product, you’ll still get the reorder commission when they go online!

There Is a Caveat

The person who sold over $1,300 worth of RTPR in just a few days was part of a special pilot program. We had what we thought was a really good idea for how to help you sell more and make more money at public events ranging from flea markets to state fairs–and were we ever right! We’ll be putting the finishing touches on that program over the next 8 weeks, but we may be able to squeeze in a couple more participants for the pilot.  These people will need to be able to commit at least $100 – $150 for a special kit to be in the pilot, but the returns are looking mighty promising!  If pain is a problem?, Real Time Pain Relief is The Solution!

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