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Make Your Smartphone’s Battery Smart Too

Sep 29th 2015 at 2:39 AM

Smartphones have so many things going on at same time; there have big bright screens, constant wireless connections so many receiving and so many transfers is conducted in a day that phone’s battery gets discharged after 5 hours continuous use of it.

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That is why app development companies are trying to produce new applications to extend the duration of battery’s life. The battery saving app simply eliminates all the unnecessary task that are conducted by your smartphone so that your battery’s life would be saved, these apps only allow the essential features of the phone to work as a result all the extra life of the battery is saved.

What consumes so much of your battery?

The biggest question that people usually wonder is that what takes all the battery of their smartphone, the answer is simple. Your cell phone has so many apps that running them all needs more and more energy. Some apps even when are not used would take up energy as these apps are constantly downloading, updating, and generating notifications in the background.

About 50% of your battery drains out when the battery is screened out, and the other half battery is consumed because of the background apps. A smartphone is capable of doing so much, but this limited or short battery life can make things difficult for you.

Famous battery saving applications:

For meeting the demand of all the smartphone users companies are launching new and better applications that would help you save your battery’s life. Some of the famously known battery saving apps is:

  1. The Juice Defender:

It’s the most popular free battery saving app, with several options the app allows you to use applications of your choice. There are two basic modes that you can select and extend your battery’s life. You can also customize your settings according to your own desire.

  1. Greenify:

Greenify was initially designed for android phones only, this hibernates the phone and saves the battery’s life.  One can pick application of their choice and the app will make these certain apps sleep as a result only essential apps will work and thus you will save extra energy.

  1. Battery aid:

It is designed to work with your phone’s current setting that is it will not change your phone’s setting much. The app will turn off the wireless connection and Bluetooth options of your phone when not used.

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