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Make this Year an Erection Year

Aug 21st 2011 at 6:21 PM

Make this Year an Erection Year

http://www.peoMake this Year an Erection Year
by Roby Mitchell on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 3:13pm
Most men and even most Drs don't associate erectile dysfunction with blood vessel disease. Healthy blood vessels producing lots of nitric oxide is critical to maintaining normal blood pressure and maintaining an erection. Nitric oxide is produced by cells lining the arteries. Nitric oxide causes relaxation of smooth muscles in artery walls causing an increase in blood vessel diameter. Wider blood vessels allow more blood flow without an increase in blood pressure. If these cells reduce their production of nitric acid,blood vessels stay constricted like a pinched water hose and blood pressure is increased.
When men have a sexual thought,increased blood flow through penal arteries should stimulate production of nitric acid. This allows even heavier blood flow into these arteries. This increased swelling closes outflow valves and keeps blood from escaping. This is the fundamental process that allows an erection. Very similar to filling a tire inner tube.
Nitric oxide does not last long in the blood stream. It gets broken down by enzymes. A continuous supply of nitric oxide has to be produced in order to maintain an erection. An initial erection followed deflation indicates incompetence of artery cells in producing nitric oxide. The same incompetence that causes this failure in penile arteries causes it in arteries all over the body including the heart and brain.
Medications such as Viagra and Cialis inhibit the enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide. This allows nitric oxide to stay around longer and facilitate a sustained erection. I'm not against use of these for the short term. The ability to sustain an erection is critical to a man's sense of self esteem. However,I caution men and their partners,that these medications don't address the underlying cause.
In order to restore normal ability of cells to produce nitric oxide,men have to change eating habits,restore hormones that are low such as DHEA,testosterone,and thyroid;and bring down the level of blood vessel Toximation.
Toximation is the combination of inflammation,oxidation,and toxin build-up that compromises the health of blood vessel and other cells. Toximation happens as the level of fungi,bacteria and other microbes rise and the immune system goes to war with them. The higher your blood sugar,the more yeast and other microbes wil be in your blood vessels. This is why erectile dysfunction is very common in diabetics. Certain plant chemicals like the ones in Male Formula kill these germs in the penile blood vessels. This allows for reversal of Toximation and improved production of nitric oxide.
Erection function is a primary indicator of overall health. A man should be capable of sustaining erections sufficient for sexual intercourse 3 times/week. More is better. Researchers document that longevity is predicted by a man's frequency of sexual activity.
Certain plant extracts kill microbes in the arteries. This allows cells to regain their health and start producing nitric oxide again
DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that the body can use to make testosterone. I recommend getting it in capsules,opening the capsules and placing the DHEA under the tongue for maximum absorption
Thyroid hormone controls the volume of blood your heart is able to pump and the ability of cells to produce nitric oxide. Ideally,thyroid replacement should be done under the guidance of a health care professional. Blood test do not detect low thyroid levels until they become drastically low.
What you eat determines how well microbes can grow in your blood stream. Eating foods from my BALi Eating plan keeps the level of sugar,yeast,and other microbes at low levels in the blood stream.
The Slim-o-Nade juice recipe I will introduce at the Amarillo health Initiative is better than liquid Viagra.

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