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I am an independent consultant and distributor of the company Vision International People Group. Strong business network share. Want to know how if you register after the 35 friends and your friends do this, you will have a check for one month seven digit number in euros? Register here: This is a contract freelancer. View:
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Make money online. Yes it works.

May 11th 2011 at 10:44 AM

Make money online. Yes it works. Strong business network share. How many people have in this forum? You all know how many people have in this forum. How much money can bring this forum to each of you? Did you know? Do not know. I will tell you. I have a listing in a reliable and world-famous company. See links at the end of the article. The Company paid income next month to 15 th. Never late with a payment. What should I do? Sign a contract for freelancers with the company here: You will receive a registration number via e-mail. With this number in your profile do: . This is your Free online office. You will see how growing your network of friends and turnover. Here they wait for a free site builder and free hosting. Invite friends to register with the company after you here: Give your friends a Registration Number and Your first and second name to be able to register. Tell your friends to a profile in the free office. When you have five friends sure the first line under you, start helping your friends under you. Invite people to register in your friends. Who should help, you will see from the office. The first line should have 5 friends on the second line-25 friends, a third-125, a fourth-625, and so up to 8 line. When each of you registered on the network, only 35 friends, you know how much is your monthly check? Do not know. I'll tell you. Check is 2,266,842 euro. Where did the money come from? The company produces natural food additives that are used by astronauts. This is the only company that works with the World Health Organization on joint projects. No need to sell. You only need to eat these additives and invite friends to register after you. What is the first investment? It is for 190 CV-16 products, or as 2 sets Classic Hit, a total of 222.76 euro, each month. If each month, each eating a Classic Hit, this is 100% guarantee your health and active longevity. Our cells every day need 90 nutrients. Classis Hit supplies these substances. Without these substances, our cells work as a car loaded with bad fuel. Without these substances, we are sick and die sooner. If any of you registered in the company of 5 people each month, your earnings will be: The first month of the first line of 5-man = 42.5 euro bonus and gold badge. The second month, 35 people in the network = 340 euro bonus and $ 250. The third month, 210 people = 3705 euro bonus and $ 1,000. Fourth month, 1205 people = 22,610 euro bonus and $ 2,000. The fifth month human = -6810 129 105 euro bonus and $ 3,000. Sixth month, 37,960 people = 545,870 euro bonus and $ 6,000. Seventh month, 209,335 people = 2,267,824 euro bonus and $ 10,000. The company allocates 56% of turnover in the CV - points in the network. When you build a line 8, the network is ready. Were distributed 56% of turnover, but each network is working every month. You can start a new network without increasing investment. The investment is for all networks .. The contract is hereditary. Money Network will receive and your grandchildren. This is just one example of success. Everything depends on your decision. View:

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May 11th 2011 at 9:30 PM by newvalley9999
Thank you for sharing this information with me. Best of luck to you.

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