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Jul 6th 2010 at 11:43 PM

The world has never been with so much abundance than it has today. The one who talks of exhaustion of opportunities is a pessimist. The truth is that much awaits to be discovered than already has been.

The lazy mind believes the negative news and resigns in defeat, the strong mind moves into action and creates wonders. Then the lazy mind awakens with an applause of a winner, tries to get into the race but again concludes that there is no use to continue running a won race and goes back to sleep. This cycle is repeated over and over again as long as the earth keeps rotating.

Wake up! Start living!

You want to be rich? Yes you can be. It is so simple.

Think of this;
How much money did you spend over the last week? Write it down on a piece of paper if possible. How easy was your spending? Basically it is just a matter of removing from your pocket and giving. This is done without much thought. I believe you were even smiling every time you gave.

This was in exchange of a product or a service you got or needed and I guess you were satisfied with your spend. That is good.

Take another perspective.

Think seriously of how you had made the money that you finally spent. How much did you make last month? Are you able to improve on this? The answer is yes.

A simple fact;
The world is made up of more than 5 billion people.

Imagine that someone had a very convincing simple product or service that pleases most of the population but only costing $1 (one dollar). With the same ease you spent money last week let it be so for everyone else. Everybody spends with ease. Imagine that it was you who had this product or service. If everyone used this service or product within one month from now, how long would it take you to be a billionaire?

Another fact;
By the time of print of this article, statistics showed that over 1.5billion people were already using the internet.
If you had a product or service that would be associated in one way or the other to the internet, this shows that with a click of the mouse, your product or service can appear to such a huge audience each of them ready and willing to spend the first dollar on the next good thing that would please him or her, and you are just sitting there staring on the screen and doing nothing about it.

Get into action. Think and act.

Sometimes you never need to have a product of your own to sell. You can market other people's products. and make it big.

Anthony Samuel M.
Success skills writer/motivational speaker.
Author: Success Marking Scheme (a guide to successfully achieving anything in life.)

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