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I am interested in designing websites, i like to blog, write, get stuff out that is inside so i dont become hard n bitter or have an empathy heart.
Interested in my kids,God first, and surviving like the rest of u.
Nothing much else, enjoying life thats that
i have made 370. of off this site enjoy

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Sep 14th 2010 at 1:04 AM

I know this is kinda of crazy idea, but here it goes,  This site is doing a contest for the person that has the most referrals, and at this time I am the only usa that i have notices since i have started this, here is some of the stats of other country that are doing it, ok, ready....

Last 10 Super Super Sponsors

 Sponsor Points Replaced by Date

 piotras11 8.806 pts

 alain74 2010-09-14 9:44

 SuicideH 7.333 pts

igor74 2010-09-14 9:37

hinos 8.006 pts

Millicent 2010-09-14 9:37

 postino58 8.407 pts

 jonathan30 f.ace 2010-09-14 9:36 2010-09-14 9:32

 sandrine34140 7.063 pts pts


 irigny69 8.186 9.539 pts

 pitkeller64 2010-09-14 9:32 2010-09-14 9:32

 sandy41 jonathan30 9.689 pts 2010-09-14 9:30

 mizantrop8 mizantrop8 9.856 pts

ggadamo Pocahontas 2010-09-14 9:30 2010-09-14 9:25 Pelangi 9.887 pts

do you even see my name up there, NO, i have at this time 0.  I dont understand how do these or other people get referrals?  I show my link, i advertise my banners, yet for some reason i am not getting anyone to sign up.  They say it sounds wonderful and they like but how come they dont sign up?

So here is my thinking, mayb we should kick some butts. lol... I am an american, lets get these people that are up so high, i should be able to get something?  Don't u think?  I cant be the only american that would like to download a surf bar and make money?  I open up my net in the morning, my surfbar comes on, and while im surfing on the net, im making

  Statistics 8,354 points 0 referrals 0.00$

... then i will go to work, like i will b in about 4 hrs let it run while im gone, make points, then come home and surf some more.  Cant ask for anything better right?

My problem is I do it all by myself just like all my money sites i have, i cant for some reason get people to want to join?  So I am going to say lets kick some butts... lol

Isnt it funny how the nighttime makes you do the strangest things, like stand out in the air with no clothes on and feel the wind blow on your skin?  so hey, u want to try and help i would really appreciate this and i will try to think of some kind of special treat if we do, i think we all would deserve it.  ty for even reading this.  souhai verite(desira truth)

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