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Macros Capital Review

Aug 21st 2013 at 1:46 PM

This is my review of the new Macros Capital HYIP that launched in July 2013.   Macros Capital sells diamond jewelry, from Sierra Leone, and pays a "guaranteed" 20% per month ROI on all purchases.  This ROI payment makes Macros Capital a "passive" (no referrals needed to earn) high yield investment program (HYIP).  No company CEO name is given, but the website list three “representatives”.  Jevgeni Hotejenkov (US rep, but his resident is listed as Estonia), Igor Avdeyev (Ukraine) and Pavel Boyko (Spain).  The program URL is "", registered on March 4th 2013, with a registrar address in Scotland, and the URL registration is set to private so NO company name, address, phone number, or email address is given.

A “certificate of registration of a limited partnership” is provided on the programs website, however it is only needed to file its URL, so it might not be the program's "true" company address. This certificate means nothing as to the companies "true" address, but with the programs website using both Russian and English, it does indicate that its main markets are in Russia and the USA.   Also it should be noted that the programs "Terms and Conditions" is only in Russian (a RED FLAG for US affiliates).

How Does Macros Capital Work? Affiliate membership is free, but affiliates are required to purchase diamond jewelry ranging from $500 and up (one item is listed for $13,267) to earn monthly ROI commissions.  The program then "guarantees" to pay out a 20% ROI on the purchase price, each month, forever.

Referral commissions are paid out using a uni-level 3X10 matrix.  Your first three sponsored affiliates are placed on level one.  Level one affiliates sponsored affiliates are placed on level two and  level two affiliates sponsored affiliates are placed on level three and so on down a 10 levels.  Commissions paid out on purchases by recruited affiliates as follows; Level 1 – 10%; Level 2 – 3%;  Level 3 – 2%; Levels 4 to 6 – 1%; and Levels 7 to 10 – 0.5%.

Bonus items and commissions are given to affiliates that reach certain down-line purchase totals as follows; Level 1 (100,000 EUR) – Asus Zenbook laptop plus an additional 0.5% on matrix commissions; Level 2 (300,000 EUR) – Nika gold watch plus an additional 1% on matrix commissions; Level 3 (500,000 EUR) – 1.5 carat diamond plus an additional 3% on matrix commissions; Level 4 (700,000 EUR) – able to open up three “branch offices” plus an additional 5% on matrix commissions; and Level 5 (1,200,000 EUR) – a free car plus an additional 7% on matrix commissions.

Deposits, withdraws, and any store purchases are by either Perfect Money or Bank Wire Transfer only.

My Opinion..... As always, I would never hand over money to a company (program) that is hiding its "true" company name, owners ids, address, phone number, and email address.  To do so is just like walking down the street and handing your money to a complete "stranger".

Macros Capital is offering affiliates a never ending 20% per month ROI "guarantee" from the purchase of diamond jewelry.  You already know, from my previous reviews, that I consider any program that guarantees a fixed monthly ROI a big RED FLAG, especially when tied to a companies monthly profit.

Their website states "20% cash back month after month!  You basically get the diamond for FREE over a period of time". With the diamond jewelry being given away for free, it’s clear nothing is being bought by affiliates or sold to retail customers.  In fact it makes you wander if their jewelry contains "real" diamonds (not just plastic) and what the "true" value of their diamond jewelry really is.

But the facts are that affiliates are receiving a unlimited monthly 20% cash back ROI, plus if they recruit new purchasing affiliates they receive even more, all for "no" additional work on their part. This makes this a "true investment program" and possible Ponzi scheme.  Because of this, the ability of this program to be able to sustain these monthly unlimited ROI payouts is a bigger problem than a normal HYIP program.  After first deducting the programs wholesale cost of the diamond jewelry, all monthly ROI payments relies totally on new affiliate purchases or re-purchases.

This means that, with the launch of Macros Capital in July 2013, that by December 2013 (5 months) over 100% of  first affiliates original purchases money will already be paid out, and without a lot of new or existing affiliate purchases or re-purchases, this program could collapse shortly thereafter.  In my option for those who got in at the start, they stand to make a little money (if withdrawn), and for those who get in the program during its final 4 months, well they just "lose" their money.

As for those non-US residents that are interested in a 100% "passive" income program, I still only recommend one HYIP program and that is Univest.   For more information about the Univest program, you can read my blog postings here and here.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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