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I just love internet surfing: That is what I do most of the time. Before this mania started I was an avid reader. I love cooking, some social work, raising kids. I do some gardening during summer. Just like anybody else I stay busy as much as I can and out of trouble. I am not an extremist, but little religious. If time permits I love walking or some workouts. That is it for now.
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Oct 21st 2010 at 8:12 PM

What is love? Jesus told his disciples: "love thy neighbour as thyself". What did he meant by that? Is it o.k for your nighbour to reach  your table and eat with you, with out invitation, if he is hungry, if he is lazy, or he felt that is fine. If you interpret in another way; your neighbour should be able to plant in your field with out any hesitation, he can grab some land and make a house. You cannot feel bad about it, if you love him truly, and sincerly. But I know and you all know that is not what we do, or we think Jesus told us to do.

I have seen, people texting "I love you", saying" I love you", I myself did all this without even knowing the meaning of it. God so loved the world ; that he sent his only begotten son (to die for our sins), who ever believes in him shall not die, but have eternal life;( everlasting life). (John 3:16) So God loved human kind more than his own son. Look at a railway station master. His 3 year old son is running towards the rails, a train is coming from distance, he is forced to think about the many passengers vs his own son. I have a hard time making a choice here.

Another incident, a monkey was walking with her baby during rainy season.. W ater level raised, reached up to her knee, she took that child and placed on her thigh,as water kept on increasing she placed child above the level all the time, on her shoulder, then  last time on her head. She thought it was her responsibility, to save the life of the child. Mother's do love their children. But what happened, when the water raised up to her nose? She didn't had to think, she placed that child under her feet, and stand on him, to save herself. May be she said " I love you " until then, but the last time she may have said "sorry", may be two three drops of tears, I don't know, I am guessing here.

So love is only important when you feel comfortable with it.  if  we think about a seriously ill hospital patient., the presence of most loving person  may make him angry and frustrated or may not make any difference  at all. Love is still there, but that is secondary to his own pain and suffering. Trust me, I have seen it before. Parents love their children, lovers love each other, husbands love wives, wife love husband, kids love parents, we all love teachers, friends, neighbours, brothers, sisters.... so on and so forth.  Each time when you say I love you, do you know what you are talking about? It is a word with deeper meaning than we always think. Anybody or everybody can use it according to their convenience, but that doesn't change the meaning.. I know it is easy to say I love you than to say I hate you, but if you really do not live upon it, or exercise it, then it is like another word in the dictionary.

Love is only love when the other person finds meaning in it. or the giver and taker perceive the sweetness in it. Mother can love a child, but if child says," I know you don't love me", then mother is wrong and child is right because he can't feel it. We all think, we love somebody, but in our life how many times we felt, hopeless, helpless, or sad, because there wasn't anybody around us when we needed them the most. We thought we loved all those people, but they didn't felt that way, or they just ignored it?

In my opinion, searching love outside is like trying to catch the wind. Love yourself, feel proud of your achievements. The more you love yourself, the more confident you will be.. Fill your heart and soul with love for yourself, then let it overflow to the world as kind deeds, words, and  truth.. Then others feel that love and  give back plenty.. Are you tired of searching love outside?

I am not talking about any MLM here, there is no prescribed remedy . Start loving thyself today, at this moment, and see the difference. But if you keep it only to yourself in a closed container, you become selfish. Be mindful of that,, Start loving and start living....

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Dec 15th 2010 at 8:44 PM by FaceBizPro
Jesus is God in the flesh.
Dec 8th 2010 at 9:10 PM by gerardoantonio
Dec 4th 2010 at 1:21 AM by cmsolution
Nice article
Nov 9th 2010 at 12:36 AM by Siamak
I have a question! I am not a Christian and therefore, I have had this question all the time! Was Jesus God's son literally or figuratively? Thanks for any answer!
Oct 24th 2010 at 4:13 AM by coolindiansurfer
The REAL LOVE GURU.. Cheeers

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