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Lotto you have it?

Aug 10th 2010 at 3:10 PM

Do you suffer from this "affliction"?

Since the inception of the lotteries in our country, many have been affected for sure. Maybe "infected" is a better word? It is believed forms of lottery go back to ancient times. Modern recorded history tells of lotteries in the late 1,400's. The etymology of the word in Italian where the first recorded modern one is quite interesting.

So...., what i call "lotto mentality" for Americans and ultimately anyone around the world now is someone who simply wishes to "get rich" financially by putting "in a buck and getting out a million". Even worse, there are many Internet sites promising you that you can put in ZERO and start building a downline, crossline, matrix sideways something or another and get rich-my only comment is "how is it working so far"!?

It is said history often "repeats itself". Let's go back a little over 160 years ago at the beginning of what our history called the "Gold Rush". Then scroll forward to a decade later only to find out the only ones who made money in the gold rush were the people selling the tools-the picks, shovels, axes, etc..It seems to me, the SAME THING is reoccurring today! The gold rush of today is make money on line with zero or a buck to get started and you will build a list, downline, link this or that, something builder-except then, you MUST upgrade to a "gold-member" to actually make money-or when you do, you must upgrade to a "platinum member" to do this or that-bottom line? The ones truly making the money are the ones selling these "tools" to help you make money.

I have invested 18 months of research and thousands of both dollars and hours and bought all the programs-upgraded and followed instructions only to find out I needed to join their program to make money and abandon my own, or, I would get 10,000 "unique" visitors to my web site and they were all lotto mentality losers who LITERALLY when called on the phone after filling out a form on the Internet stated they wished to go into business from home-AND REPLIED "NOT IF IT IS GOING TO COST ME ANYTHING"?!! Are you insane?

The Internet is changing daily-so says the experts, of which i am NOT even close-i can barely right click. What my associates who are programmers and IT people tell me today is that what the major search engine place is (we all know-begins with a "G") the ones who now get high ranking on searches are the ones who simply pay the most for advertising-period!

I DO know about business though-I have been self-employed since 1992 except for 6 months when i had back to back girls and wanted to be a dad more than a businessman. In fact, at that restaurant i worked at i met my 3rd multi-millionaire whom i became friends with and taught me his methods from him going to a welder in the ship yards to a self-made millionaire. I was told by the youngest and also richest person i'd met 8 years prior at the same restaurant when i asked him how he became so wealthy-he replied, "if you play with dollars, you will only make dollars-when you play with thousands, you will then make thousands-and when you play with millions, you will then make millions". I loved having a formula, i know i had millionaire-mentality, but i didn't even have a thousand saved.

8 years later when i saw an opportunity to make a thousand dollars a sale i knew a prayer had been answered-i believed, you struggle and succeed, or struggle and fail-either way there is going to be a struggle! Might as well get paid made sense to me! Being the all or nothing person i am 2 years later i became a millionaire-many of us in that company went from "the outhouse to the penthouse".

The only thing worse than having "lotto mentality" is also wanting "micro-wave results". Not only do you want to put in zero to a buck to get rich you want it now and want to do nothing to get it. Think about it!? How long have you been trying to make money on line? How much money have you put in? How much have you made? What if you were getting paid minimum wage for al the time you spent on line? How much IS YOUR TIME WORTH?

When i started the business to where became a millionaire it took me $1,500 to get going, and soon i had the expense of leads and phone bills-back then my phone was always at least 2K a month-i did not have $1,500 either-i had to sell collectibles to fund my campaign. My desire level was the difference-we were $162,000 in debt from my businesses i walked away from so i could "be a dad". My marriage was stressed and stretched to the limits-i had to make it work and i did-period.

Your comfort zone is your failure zone i have been told-i have often said, "when you settle for less, you get it". I ask people how much they would sell me one of their eyeballs for? The response is always the same-priceless even though they have two of them-and then i ask, why is it you value ONE eye so much when you have two, and for your whole body, spirit, mind, soul-you settle for minimum wage or 40,50, whatever thousand a year that is worthless compared to the fact there never has been one of you and never will be another unique YOU!

I am not sure i have the "cure" for lotto mentality-i've never had it. I am also not foolish enough to believe "hard work" is the key to anything-i started digging post holes at 11 for a roof over my head and food in my mouth and if that was the key to wealth and success i would have had it by 15 as i started working two jobs when i was 14! 100 hour work week was common. If i wanted a pair of Nikes i had to buy them.

i know i have played the lotto twice-the first time i forgot to check the ticket and lost it. It was easier to make the million than to win one for sure! Easy is a funny thing-i think working for 40-50 years and having NOTHING is what is hard-not what i did and do. I have also heard fear of failure is ONE thing-fear of "success" is another. Why are you afraid to make money? That is likely close to the cure for lotto mentality. Our work tells us the truth-if money was a value to you in your life you would already have it! I will go one step further-in the end, money is one of my LOWEST values in life-but as able to make millions-how? Our work gives you that answer.

If you insist on chasing the fantasy of putting in $1 and getting out a million-to every fantasy a nightmare is attached. If you knew who you are with relation to the magnificent creator of our universe, (universes for that matter) you may see yourself differently than you do right here right now-we have a sure method of seeing yourself and your life in a whole new light-"for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear". We will be able to help you change your life into what you would love it to be, after attending our event. In closing, take out a piece of paper-on teh left side mark a "B", then draw a line all the way to the right side of the paper, and mark a "D". Now, in the middle of where you think you are alive relative to the birth and death of this lifetime mark an "X" on the page-how much time or how close is the "X" to the "D" on the right side? With that time left is what you are doing going to result in your living the fulfilling life you were meant to live? Only you can decide-i believe that if you continue to do the same thing, you will get the same results-period! Dr. Mike

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