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Loose money piercing unique beauty

Aug 31st 2015 at 7:22 PM

2015 Summer New Leopard Chiffon Sexy Halter Fine Strap Criss Cross Dresses

To wear a curvaceous body, countless fashion guide told us all to wear Slim, Slim, Slim's clothes again, as if anxious to return to the Middle Ages of Western society, with waist Le too breathless to relinquish their own. However, Shift Dresses has its unique beauty and learn to appreciate it, it is to learn a demure indifferent attitude.

1. Wide leg pants in the heat of the popular elements of the season even fever than the weather in July, both loose skirt cool, but do not worry about emptied troubled; both dignified and beautiful dress, but also not able to maintain a pantsuit procrastination, even dressed in the workplace modeling can also do the job. With the same relaxed feminine strapless tops, wear a comfortable.

2. Whether you are pear-shaped or apple-shaped body, the Panasonic tight silhouette always makes you look slim and young. Loose Chiffon Dresses mountain camellia Kaidaotuni, shiny hot drilling confused star eyes, so cool and carefree feeling, as if those Jinzhai dumplings wrapped like a dress can not be brought.

3. Speaking of pants for summer, you might first think of Tai crotch shorts were short. Of course happy exposed legs, but one is easy to tan sunburn, two blazing sun to shine directly on the skin, in fact, it does not taste better. To me that is not binding in relation to pick an easing of cotton harem pants, sunscreen, breathable, skin-friendly, indoor and outdoor very comfortable.

4. Compared to slightly loose skirt skirt Slim Jinzhai, although a little something charming curve, but is a little more tender and lovely. Delicate lace flowers accompanied dough nude color, do not have to rack their brains look just like the soft dress is a sister.

5. The England Check wear on the body, it will be able at the same time dignified temperament wear in the body. Compared to those modeling sexy enchanting as a selling point, so simple and refreshing dress no effort will make it easier for the summer without the burden, is not it?

6. Wide loose dress like a lazy wake up every afternoon, there is rain, the sun through the curtain hit the bed, relaxed and comfortable I was reluctant to leave. This dress itself is wonderful presence and did not have the heart to cut with a bizarre exaggeration to destroy.

7. Even in the intrigues of the workplace, the dress do not overstrain. Cool cool silk bat sleeve shirt made of worn boneless, will not increase the burden for the fast-paced work, the rather tired of when you're tired, still with its silky touch gently caress you.

8. Every time I see your favorite prints, always with quirky designer not bear to see it destroyed cut to pieces. It would be better is made refreshing cool Sleeveless Dresses, giving it full canvas display its artistic talent.



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