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London General Dentistry

Feb 11th 2013 at 2:05 AM

One in four people in the UK have a phobia of the dentist. Whether this be caused by the sound of the dreaded drill, the needle, or a childhood memory you just can’t shake, the dentist is no longer the bad guy. There are so many mixed emotions on dental hygiene, some believe teeth will look after themselves and visits to the dentist are only necessary when toothache becomes agonising. Others believe it is important to our health to visit the dentist at least twice a year, and so it is if you want to take your teeth to the grave with you. When people meet for the first time, some say the first thing they notice is their choice of footwear but the majority are looking for  clean, white and healthy sets of teeth.

The mouth is full of bacteria and unless you have a good brushing and flossing routine, you are likely to come across a few problems. Fillings, gum disease, infections, ulcers and a dental abscess can be the painful result if you don’t look after your teeth. The dentist should be treated differently to your local doctor. You only tend to go to your doctor when you fall ill. However visiting your dentist twice a year could prevent long term complications to your oral health. Every six months they will be able to check how everything looks and spot early signs of gum disease or rotting teeth. By spotting the problem early on, it can be fixed before it becomes progressively worse. Neglect only leads to regret. The dentistry in London has never been better, many of the surgeries are decorated with fresh flowers, coffee tables, magazines, soothing music and overall it is a very pleasant experience in comparison to 30 years ago, where many adult’s horror stories originate from. The surroundings and staff are there to help and put your anxieties at ease.

The dentists of today are very keen to build a good relationship with their patients, and many understand the fears and objections they have to certain treatments, or even just to sit in the chair. A dentist would never judge a patient’s teeth, it is their job to make sure the teeth are the healthiest they can be. The majority of patients put off their dental visits because they are ashamed of their teeth, dentists cannot stress enough how this shouldn’t be the case, and if anything, they are bound to have seen much worse throughout their career.

Unfortunately our oral hygiene is something we can’t avoid for long and we have to take responsibility by maintaining a healthy regime. Brushing your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night is crucial, we lack saliva whilst sleeping and this helps break down the plaque and germs that build up while we sleep, so we do need to give a little helping hand. Flossing can be tricky for some, but thankfully there are now interdental brushes that can reach places you didn’t think possible. London dentistry makes sure these cleaning tools are available at all surgeries. It is better to purchase dental home kits at your surgery so you can discuss the right ones and sizes for you. Don’t blame your lack of dental check-ups on your fears, nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

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Adam Allin is a professional writer with experience contributing to editorial pages, online blogs and writing short articles. He is the author of article London General Dentistry.To know more about his writings visit Best of the Dentists in London

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