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Loans: Their Need and Availability

May 23rd 2015 at 3:44 AM

Loan is a debt provided by one entity to another at an interest. It can be explained as a state of affair where a written or oral agreement is done for a temporary transfer of a property from its owner to a borrower according to certain terms and conditions where the borrower promises to return the property according to these terms and conditions. Usually the property is the money and the terms and conditions are the rate of interest and time taken to return the money. Lending loan in Texas is a trend years old. There are many types of loans where the Mortgage Loans for Texas are still very common and popular.

Why take a loan?

A loan is usually taken when a certain work or thing demands money or property which is not affordable with your present income or circumstances. Hoping the circumstances will change soon or one’s affordability towards the monthly or quarterly pay backs or EMI lets one take a loan.There are many reasons one can think of borrowing money such as buying a house or just remodelling of kitchen; buying a new car or just paying off some credit card debt;starting a business or just helping the kids pay for university or making a major purchase. Loan can help one achieve something which is not achievable otherwise.

Which loan to take?

It depends on your borrowing needs which loan to apply for or which loan will suit you.There are many types of loans available in the market. If the loan is repayable on the demand of the lender it is a demand loan. If the payment mode is monthly payments it is an installment loan. Some others are:

1. Open loan: Open loans are loans which can be borrowed over and over.

2. Closed-end loan: these loans cannot be borrowed once they’ve been repaid. These loans have pre-payment penalties.

3. Secured loan: These loans rely on a collateral or asset. The lender can possess the asset if borrower cannot pay the loan.

4. Unsecured loans: These loans do not have an asset for collateral. These loans rely upon your credit history and income.

5. Conventional loans: These loans are called Mortgage loans for Texas. are not insured by government agency like FHA i.e. Federal Housing Administration

6. FHA loans: These loans are insured by government agency FHA. Lending Loans in Texas is safe under FHA as lender’s money is insured when the borrower fails to return.

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