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Living With Back Pain

Dec 15th 2015 at 7:13 AM

Nobody likes to live with it, but several of us have it. What are we talking about? Back pain.

Back pain can come to us in a various of feelings whether it is the slow, dull ache we have been feeling overtime, or the quick, sharp pain that strikes us out of nowhere.

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There are two types of back pain that occur in individuals. This is acute back pain, which will start quickly, but last no longer than 6 weeks. There is also chronic back pain, lasting more than 3 months. This type is more common and occurs in the times when you may injure yourself in sports, at work or by falling.

What is it that brings these problems about? Are you one of the many who is prone to the toils of back pain?

There are several possible causes for this condition in individuals. Some of these causes may include age, physical fitness condition and heredity. Those who are older in age, and do not exercise on a regular basis are much more likely to be a recipient of back pain.

Those who have had family members struggle with back pain, are more likely to suiffer from back pain as well.

In addition to these, other factors such as smoking, physical exertion at work and existing diseases may also contribute. If you frequently lift, push or pull items at work, you are a prime candidate, just the same as if you smoke on a regular basis. Individuals who experience arthritis and cancer are common patients as well.

Aside from these and other causes, back pain can originate from specific problems with the back itself. Disk breakdown, tense muscles and ruptured discs will all be contributing members to pain in the back.

Common diseases associated with the back such as scoliosis, spinal stenosis, endometriosis and fibromyalgia are known for causing back pain.

Many wonder if this pain are able to be prevented. The answer is yes. A good majority of the symptoms and problems with back pain can be prevented.

Some great things to do to keep this region of your body healthy include exercising on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy weight and also maintaining good posture and balance. Yes, this includes sitting up straight!

If you believe you already have back pain and can no longer prevent the process, it is vital to contact a doctor for diagnosis as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing tingling or numbness, pain that does not improve over time or pain that doesn't improve after resting, or are having trouble urinating, these are all signs you may have significant back problems. It is vital that you contact you doctor so that he or she is able to diagnosis and relieve your symptoms before problem escalate.

To treat these symptoms, doctors will often recommend exercise to ease tension, if your pain is chronic and not acute. For acute pains, physical therapy is often recommended.

Doctors will prescribe medications to manage and deal with excessive pain in the region. These medicines will often include over the counter drugs, topical lotions or, in more severe cases, muscle relaxants.

if your problems are severe enough, doctors may suggest surgery.

After you have begun treatment for your back pain, it is vital that you learn to push, pull, lift and exercise the proper way to not worsen the condition of your body. Your doctor can show you how to do this.

Eating a healthier diet and smoking less, or none at all, will significantly help with pain.

Do not hesitate to contact your doctor or if you experiencing any symptoms, large or small. Solve the problem today.

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