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ListZap Review

Sep 5th 2013 at 3:35 PM

My review of the new ListZap safelist program. The ListZap safelist program allows members to send email advertising to other ListZap members using earned mailing credits, making it basically the same as all other list builder safelist programs, only with a added matrix comp plan.  I normally do not review new safelist or traffic exchange programs as most are just "very poor marketing" systems, but with this one being tied to the new ClickAdProfits profit sharing MLM program I thought I should.

Its website URL is "" and was registered on May 4th 2011.  Its URL registration is set to private, so no defined information as to who owns the program, its address, phone number, or email address is known.  But the Terms and Conditions page is signed "MandJnet" which is an alias associated with the URL site "", that is currently advertising the ListZap safelist program.

The URL is listed as the "Mark and James Advertising Network" that is owned by a Mark Dosier and James Cole.  Also you will notice that the banner is the same one that is used to market the "Forex MegaDroid" (a $67 ClickBank Forex trading robot).  Then add the fact that Mark Dosier sent the following email out to prospective ListZap affiliates last week "I am Mark Dosier and would like to invite You to our latest Program; ListZap. This program will be managed by myself and James Cole." there is little doubt who ListZap founders are.

History on Mark Dosier and James Cole show their last MLM program was the “ClickAdProfits” profit sharing program, that was launched in late July 2013.  ClickAdProfits charges affiliates $25.53 for an hourly revenue share that caps out at a $30 ROI.  Mark Dosier claimed that their ClickAdProfits profit sharing program was “stable and long term", but just over two weeks after launch, payments to affiliates stopped.  On August 8th, Mark and James sent out a email blaming this on affiliates opening disputes with Payza.  Payments through other payment processors continued for a short period of time before they also stopped.  At the end of August ClickAdProfits started to accept Payza deposits again, however the program advised that new investment into ClickAdProfits was "dropping down day by day" and so they were "going to (we must) modify the system" and that it would let affiliates "know soon how and when".  At this time ClickAdProfits affiliate support and payments has been suspended, with the company promising to re-open it on September 9th.  It has also been claimed by both Dosier and Cole, that they are the owners of The Feeder, PIF43, NitroList, and CashInSolos which are also safelist programs.

How Does ListZap Work? Like any safelist program, members can join for free and receive email mailing credits (1,000), but only upgraded members can participate in the matrix comp plan.  Upgrade memberships are a one time payment of $6 (Gold affiliate) or $26.99 (Platinum affiliate).  You can also purchase advertising credits at $3.99 per 2,000 mailing credits.  Active members must be able to receive other members emails every day.  All payments and withdraws are through Payza or Solid Trust Pay.

Free members do not qualify to earn direct referral commissions, but they can earn emailing credits.  Gold and Platinum affiliates earns a one time $3 commission on their direct upgraded referrals.  The comp plan is based on a 3X12 forced matrix with positions filled by personal, down-line, and up-line upgraded member sign ups.  Upgraded affiliates are paid a one-time commission per filled matrix position as follows; Level 1 – 50 cents per position; Levels 2 to 7 – 25 cents per position; and Levels 8 to 12 – 20 cents per position.

My Opinion.... ListZap is just another "over hyped" safelist program with a added matrix comp plan.  And just like their NitroList safelist program (which I have been a upgraded member in, for over two years now), the income that 99% of upgraded members will actually earn will be less than $5, as you can "bet" that Dosier and Cole "pre-loaded" the matrix with all their friends already.  Making the inclusion of a matrix comp plan only a "ploy" to get new upgraded members, as there is no relationship between the safelist part of the program and the program's 3X12 compensation plan.

Like I have already stated in past blog postings, safelist emailing is a "very poor" marketing avenue (I should know as I use to be a member in 70 of them), as your emails are only being received by other safelist members.  And other safelist members are unlikely to be interested in whatever you are offering and only interested in clicking emails to earn more mailing credits.  So even though your click to read (CTR) will be very high, your sign up conversion rate will be almost "zero".

Then when one considers the problems that Dosier and Cole continue to have with their 1-1/2 month old ClickAdProfits profit sharing program and their now stalled NitroList safelist program, there is a very good chance that ListZap is being used as a cash injection for their ClickAdProfits program.  But it does not matter, as just like their NitroList safelist program , ListZap will stall out also.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

PS- If you are still looking at safelist's for your Internet marketing, here are the only ones that I still use.

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