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Timothy Eller | timothyeller
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3 months ago

Listbuilding INSANITY

Oct 18th 2013 at 3:28 PM
What's even funner (yes - it's a word.  I asked my 3 yr old) Is being able to do Listbuilding and know I'm helping people like you.   
Here's what I mean by this. We dug into the REAL reasons why people buy from you -- and how to literally wake up every single day, ...and never struggle with Listbuilding again, always have at least 5 emails ready and 'top-o-mind' waiting for you to tickle the ole keypad... Why is this important??
So you know at your CORE you have what it takes to succeed. To live the 'mobile lifestyle' and 'earn from email' Like you've been promised. You'll be able to do this easily, because you are going to cut through the crap and just Get er Done For Once!!
No more 'learning'... it's all about DOING and Listbuilding.
In this ExcitingEnergy Filled and VISUALLY STIMULATING Listbuilding videos You'll discover... ** How to build a 'chain of trust', link 
by link, day by day, in a way that's simple and not 'salesy' at all...
** How you never need to jockey 
for position with the Guuu-Ruuus

because your prospects will quite
literally be foaming at the mouth to 
receive your next email... ** Why a 'Big List' doesn't mean jack when it comes to 'Big PROFIT' (and the secret behind what really pays over the long term - hint... it ain't open rates, click through rates, or any other stat you've been told)
Like my Dad always told me.... "it's not the size of the ship... ...It's the Motion in the Ocean"
(Thanks Dad)

This the stuff I 'geek out' over... And 
it's also the stuff that payz da billz. See you inside! Get Going

And finally start doing something with your life... 
... or Staying where you are. Staying sick and tired -- for another year, 2 years, or life... 
Workin' for the 'man' -- living for the weekend Stepping over dollars to save a few pennies. 
If you're like me -- there's nothing worse than submission to a 'less than amazing' life...And it's about dang time you did something about it.
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