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Jul 30th 2010 at 6:12 PM


 Don't advertise cloaked links in TrafficExchange or PaidToClick. If it breaks frame, we complain until we get your account deleted, as your earnings.

Apart from that, we're cool people..., we're all used to the looong affiliate url's our programs offer us. If you don't, here's one:

 If i use my favorite link-shortener program, will look like this:

Flashy, hey?

 Now, LinkShorteners are also known as LinkCloakers. But that's a different function. I did shorten the example affiliate link, but i didn't cloak it. You can see clearly where the link will take you to and who, but that's not the function of a LinkCloaker (you can always hoover your mouse cursor over a link and look at the lower left of your browser window. There you'll see where you'll be sent to, if you click the link.). The cloaker hides both the identity and the program advertised, people won't steal your program, and they will get even more curious. The most common program stealers is poor sods that can't find referrals, so when they find a good program, they don't click the link...they google for the program, kinda like a little buuhuu about "i can't get referrals, i won't be yours!". Advertiser wastes an exposure and lose a referral or even a sale.

 If your link is cloaked, it will be shortened.

 If your link is shortened, it might not be cloaked.


 We all know about and Tiny.URL, the most credible LinkShorteners out there, that both shorten and cloak. Most credible, because they don't pay, people now that if they click, they won't be raped by another add. Then there's the ones that pay...and they pay by CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions, don't ask me why it's 3 capital letters for four words, i just look at numbers...), meaning you get $x per 1000 clicks on your link. Different traffic, different pay, you'll be looking for traffic from North America (USA and Canada) and UK, usually paying $2 per 1000 clicks. How to get it?


 Scenario 1

 On Tweeter's right side, you find the trending topics, by country. Choose USA or UK, write some mumbo-jumbo about one of the top topics, browse google for something about it, copy the address and cloak it, paste on twitter. People click you link, you earn. Might get you followers, if you don't "lie" on the link. Fake links, to pages other than advertised, might get your account into trouble ("New Paris Hilton video, watch now", you click and see a Hello Kitty cartoon...ain't cool...or vice-versa...).

 Scenario 2

 You already got a few followers either on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, IMFacePlate, wherever or all. Every single link you post either it be for a foto, a Britney Spears video from YouTube or the next big thing in online money making, cloak it...earn from it!

 Scenario 3

 Update yourself on gossip, find an arising star everyone wants to know about, preferably in the US. Do a Fan Page on Facebook, add some fotos, articles and videos from YouTube, all of them cloaked. One link a day, and you wet yourself laughing.

 Scenario 4

 You finally got a website! It's a free one, fine, because you're too tight to get your own domain, but it's ok, we understand. Now, cloak everything on your website, every single link. You can even cloak the banners! How? The programs give you the code for the banner, you just need to copy the address after "href=", cloak it and put it back in. You might not need to get an armored car for this one...depends on how good your website is and where you advertise it. Even if it's a set'n'forget website, it'll always be generating.

 Scenario 5

 You cloak the links you send to your mailing lists, not giving away the program or product you're promoting until a link is clicked. Also, on SplashPages. The address you set you SplashPage to, it's the cloaked link.

 Scenario 6

 Make your own.


 The 3 main paying out there are eCash, Adf.Ly and LinkBucks. Personally, i'm happy with one.


"Great minds discuss ideas,

  Average minds discuss events,

   Weak minds discuss people."

                        Eleanor Roosevelt  ---> Who?!


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