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Limited Time Offer Scams

Feb 28th 2011 at 5:53 AM

You see them everywhere on some sites, you visit a site and the first thing you see is a digital clock counting down backwards, thats suspect because for one thing, if you're here today trust me you'll be here tomorrow, next week and next month, all they'll do is re-set that clock for the fresh fish that will flood through that site in droves being caught in a huge fishnet that rivals a fish net in Alaska when the Salmon swim upstream to spawn. This particular scam involves attacking your subconcious into believing there's a sense of urgency. We as human beings do all we can to avoid that sense of loss, we don't want to feel like we're losing out on anything. These weasels know this all too well, this is a carefully, tested technique designed to release a certain chemical in your brain, the longer you stay on that site and see that digital clock ticking down, the weaker you get so don't fall for it, If you go to a site and see a clock ticking down backwards don't walk, run as fast as you can and click off that site.

 There are some situations where companies will limit the people they take in only so they won't overwhelm their small office staff during their beta or testing phase, now I can understand that scenerio. finding the right business for you is a huge job especially with all this information overload going on today and you have to be extremely careful what you jump into. Right now I thank God everyday that I'm not a complete newbie because the industry is full of con artists that are prepared to go to any lenths to seperate you from your hard earned cash and who have absolutely no sympathy for you. Make no mistake, these people are seasoned pros, even us online vets have to make sure we don't get caught sleeping because these crooks have honed their skills down to an art form and nobody's safe. Sometimes we opt in to marketing tools we need forgetting that we automatically are placed on someone's list or a cookie has been placed on our hard drive to monitor our online activities.

 Am I on a crusade to save the world from these weasels? Do I think I'm the Scaminator? Absolutely not because I've been around long enough to know that people will be people and when someone has you believe you can make a million in your robe that some people will go for the bait every time, My personal mission is to save just ONE complete online newbie from getting fleeced by these swindlers. I've gone broke in my learning process so this is nothing I've heard or read, I lived the living hell of wanting to change my situation by having the freedom to have my own business and being a Lamb to the slaughter. If you're a newbie and are still on the fence, stop by my site to take a look what a real affordable low risk Home Business looks like and I promise there won't be a digital clock there counting down backwards trying to make you believe you're the chosen one and you're just so special. I don't know about you, but I feel special already.

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