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Lighting Strike Build

Sep 17th 2014 at 12:48 AM

General idea - This build utilizes Max blocking with Aegis Aurora, high armour, and a generally medium amount of ES to survive. You really don't need more than 1,300ES or so, as you will be blocking so damn much that it rarely depletes. The damage is physical based with the rich using a doryani's, and at level 76 currently is about 7.7k dps. Respectable and can get you through a lot of content.

I had help making this build. I don't think it is anything groundbreaking, and is likely a hodgepodge of similar other builds out there, but I can solo just about anything that doesn't hit stupidly hard and slow.

Current Stats

7,718 DPS

2,607 HP

1,280 ES

Block/SpellBlock 75%/56%

Armour 10.5k

So how does this work in a nutshell?

Find a big ass pack, leap slam right into it, block so much you rarely deplete your ES, and lightning strike everything until it is dead. The fun thing is that since this is purely to buy pathofexile items - physical maces , you could just as easily use molten strike, glacial hammer, or even ground slam though I don't like the 80% base damage on that.

If you have mana issues? Use a mana leech gem on your LS.

Life issues? That might be a problem until you can use aegis, but if you are using multistrike and faster attacks like I mentioned, a life on hit gem keeps you going strong pretty well, especially with all the projectiles going off.

I think that about covers it. I know this isn't really unique, but with the setup I have it works well. Doryani's definitely is great if you can afford, but otherwise get a really high damage club or 1-hander mace type.

Have fun with your bashity-bash.

I like the theme of your build - 1H + shield elemental ability tank. I've been trying to achieve something similar with mine, but I'm a poor noob with no uniques and it's my highest level/first char. But I have some questions. These questions are not criticisms, but so that I can understand your thought process and alter my build accordingly. I'm level 67 and have already refunded 24 points. Link of my build below.

1) How does Heavy Strike (tooltip dps, etc.) compare to Lightning Strike, with the passives you've chosen? In my build, Heavy Strike does significantly more damage. Only when I was Avatar of Fire for a bit did Heavy Strike lag behind other abilities.

2) What do you think about Battle Rouse, for mana issues?

3) Wouldn't Spiritual Guardian have been better for higher block chance than Testudo/Iron Wall? It's closer to the Templar start.

4) Does Iron Grip make that big of a difference in damage?

5) Why no Resolute Technique?

6) Why all those Life and Armour nodes instead of going left toward Heart of the Warrior, Diamond Skin, Armour Mastery

7) Instead of your 3 dexterity nodes (+70 dex total), what about getting rid of them and your dex gems. That means no Multistrike and Faster attacks. And instead use Weapon Elemental Damage and Lightning Penetration support gems, since a red/blue sockets would have been easier to get on your 5L? And it might be higher damage.


8) How important is spell block when you have maxed resistances? Aren't you giving up a lot to use the Stone of Lazhwar?

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