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LifeProductSolutions Review

Sep 5th 2013 at 11:13 AM

My review of the LifeProductSolutions MLM program.  LifeProductSolutions market a range of electronic cigarette devices and related accessories.  I have had some experience in this niche, as I was an affiliate for the GreenSmoke MLM program 2 years ago.  The LifeProductSolutions URL is "" and was registered on August 6th 2013.  The URL registration is set to private so no information as to who the owner is, address, phone number, or email address is known.  Yet the programs social media marketing appears to be by a Matt Woodhouse (who claims to be the founder of the company).  I do not know where it is based at, but the sites store does use "pounds" so I must assume the company is based in the UK.

How Does LifeProductSolutions Work? I do not know for sure if they have a monthly affiliate fee, but the fact that matrix pays out 6 pounds per month per GBP, I must assume a monthly affiliate membership cost of greater than 6 pounds is charged.  Affiliates are given a store front that offers retail commissions on the sale of e-cigarette products, just like the GreenSmoke MLM program.  However the company claims these retail commissions are not “consistent”, preferring that affiliates focus on commissions from recruiting new affiliates and not on retail sales (which is easy to understand at those retail prices).

LifeProductSolutions pays out commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates using a 3×5 matrix.  Each  matrix position, representing a new affiliate, paying out a monthly commission of up to 6 pounds.

My Opinion..... As always, I would never hand over money to a company (program) that is hiding its "true" company name, address, phone number, and email address.  To do so is just like walking down the street and handing your money to a complete "stranger".

The company offers generic electronic cigarette products that appear to be from a third-party wholesale out of China.  There is nothing wrong with reselling products from China, however with the program very high product prices and pushing hard a recruitment driven comp plan, RED FLAG issues arise.

When I Google search the LifeProductSolutions product names from their web store, I find over 50 different web sites like Leiqidudu's Store, EVC, Vapes, Tri Cities Vapors, etc. that sell these same products.  And most sells the products for much less money (example $6.10 w/free shipping, for the 1100 ego battery, compared to 12 pounds plus 11 pounds shipping = $35.85 from LifeProductSolutions store).  Given this the likelihood of find real retail customers to purchase these very overpriced products will be almost impossible.

Charging affiliates a monthly membership fee and paying out all matrix commissions using these membership fees (based on how many new affiliates an affiliate has signed up), moves this program over into pyramid scheme side of MLM.  Then you add the fact that the program allows an affiliate’s down-line to be "sold" to other affiliates makes the program even more like a pyramid and is another RED FLAG.  True the matrix commissions from the original affiliates remain with the original affiliate, any new affiliate sign ups within that down-line will pass to the affiliate who "purchased" the down-line.

With my experience first hand in selling e-cigarettes in the past, I can guarantee that new affiliates will have a hard time getting new customers to pay almost 6 times more for these e-cigarette products, making the matrix comp plan basically the only way to earn with this program.  And like any pyramid based program, when new affiliates cannot make any retail sales commissions or get new affiliate sign ups, they stop paying their monthly membership fee.  And before you know, it the entire program "collapses".

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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Sep 25th 2013 at 6:25 AM by matthewwoodhouse
Hi Phil,thank you for taking a look at my site but you seem to have mis-understood the concept. Although it does have an mlm basis it is a cash back site, and the prices are the same as on my other e-cig retail site "the vaping shed" which has been successfully trading for the past 12 months so orders are perfectly obtainable. There are commisions based on referring new members but even with out "recruiting" anyone members can still earn substanial cash back amounts, the true amount depends entirely on how much you shop. Our aim is to add many more products so you can earn cash back on the things you buy every day/month and eventually move to a bricks and morter store offering the same cash back to our members.

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