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I just love internet surfing: That is what I do most of the time. Before this mania started I was an avid reader. I love cooking, some social work, raising kids. I do some gardening during summer. Just like anybody else I stay busy as much as I can and out of trouble. I am not an extremist, but little religious. If time permits I love walking or some workouts. That is it for now.
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Life - Purpose and Challenges.

Sep 11th 2010 at 7:00 PM

When I say "being here", it includes  IM faceplate: as well as  this globe. What is the ultimate purpose of being here as human beings? Whether you believe in evolution or creation you have to have an answer for that.

Whether we are born in a rich family, a poor family, a white family or black, east or west,  whether we like it (intended it ) or not we all live for a purpose. This purpose may be good or bad. The motivation to fullfill that purpose move us forward. Sometimes we become successful, at times we fail. No matter what; we all try hard to achieve our goal. We breathe, we eat, we grow, we make friends, ( sometimes foes), we obey parents, teachers, elders, ultimately for what?

We go to places of worship, strive for peace, somebody work hard to build something, stay there with all its dignity, someone else just in minutes tear it all down and enjoy what they do, or they just give up after that. The reality is when  we look around with our eyes open, ears open and our minds focussed,   the struggle to accomplish our purpose in life; whatever it may be is of no value.

When you are a child you think like a child, when you grow up you just change your ways of thinking. In the big race you aim at, you become stronger, gain some muscle power, push the weaker ones backwards, rush for the first place, reach there but have you ever thought about how tired and weary you will be when you reach that first place.. No we never think negative; because our purpose drives us fast. An infant gets a lot of care from parents, a child get a lot of attention from parents as well as teachers. A young adult receives a lot of compliments from peers, and friends, Then  this adulthood  bring a lot of responsibility, less compliments, new motives, and a new strength. After that when you raise kids, do a good job as a nice child for your parents, take care of them in need, all  these are achievements in life. Friday fun time, get together, clubs, parties, drinks, all that you  craved  once is yours now. You  are successful, Aren't  you?

After days, months or years  of our purpose driven life  there come to a point where we have some diabetes,  high blood pressure, heart problems, disability or whatever it may be;  A "stand still" kind of situation arrives at this point. So when you turn back and look at the journey you did with others, (alone), with partner or without, the strength you gained, the conversations you had, the moments you thought you are the winner, the way people appreciated , the way friends and neighbours commented, the usual laugh- think about all that good things- everything changes ; turns around ; Here  you are!! You are the only one, no parents to love, no friends to advice, no teachers to correct, no spouse to hold hand, no children to say thank you, but you have all your physical, mental emotional miseries, pains and loneliness with you. They never depart you until you say good bye to this world.

So what should be our purpose? If you think of your present situation, you can make a new achievable goal, a change where everybody should benefit, a purpose that help others as well as you to live a healthy balanced life. If you gain all the wealth of this world with all its miseries,  you  may not enjoy life  without paying a price. Because we choose to be miserable, by becoming slaves of this pretty world. We may not get a peaceful life because we become part of this corrupted world. Being upset; being regretful, being sick and lonely,  what else you expect out of this troubled and  devious world? A moment  with all that will make you very upset.

So if you have enough for today, and a lot of peace and happiness, learn to keep that happiness for ever, add more to it every second, every minute, every hour. So you will be rich with happiness, good health and peace when you become old. There will be friends and family around you saying;. "blessed" or "lucky". That "enough for today" will stay there with you forever and keep you convinced : The purpose in life is not only earning money, fame, or comforts  but  also to keep the peace, integrity, worth, and happiness for yourself  and the people around you.

We are imperfect by creation. If you take a pan with a den and try to make perfect bread with it, even though you try million times the bread is going to have the den, no doubt each one of them will have the den. So when we try for a perfect  and happy life in this world we are trying to catch the wind. When God cursed Adam and Eve, cast them out of Garden of Eden, God told them to work hard, live in misery, give birth with pain, crave for love ...etc. You and I cannot change that. We have to wait for a savior or think something possible.

So I encourage everybody who read this article to "take it easy" and try to be content  and happy. May God bless you all with a happy and prosperous life.



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Nov 2nd 2010 at 2:13 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Girija: Thanks for posting this article and your words of encouragement to fellow IM faceplate members. I agree that we are born into a fallen world, a world where everything physical is slowly deteriorating. We have no control over that. We can only wait for the Savior's return and those who belong to him will be lifted up.

But while we are here, we do have control over our attitude and our perspective and you are so right in saying that we should try to be content and happy with each day that we are given. GT :-)

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