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Lets Be Realistic

Mar 24th 2013 at 4:03 AM

Lets Be Realistic


Forget all the hyp and promises of instant wealth, nothing worth having in life comes easy.


It's just the same if you are working on line, if it seems to good to be true then it most probably is.

You will see many different sales piches (Squeeze pages) from 100's of on line marketers who quote insane figures that you can earn in no time at all.

I promise you one thing, I bought dozens of such item's around five years ago when I first tried to make money on line. I worked from home in my spare time like most of you will be doing now.

I made zero profit from them!!

It's very easy to be convinced to buy the 'next big thing'. Please realise these offers are pitched in such a way,they are selling your dream to you.

Let me be absolutely clear, "you won't make money from most of them"

We are all here to earn extra income & most would like to be able to give up there day job.

Who wouldn't want all the wealth, nice houses and fancy cars especially without so many hours work or effort.

It's not a magic wand that can be waved to instantly give you the lifestyle you desire, it can be hard work & you may well get disheartend from time to time.

Please stick with it & remember the old phrase "winners never quit & quitters never win"

Education is the key, I don't mean you need to study at college or University but like anything else you have achieved it only becomes possible after learning some key skills.

If you wanted to train as a doctor you wouldn't try to learn from a School Teacher & it's just the same online.

You must understand 'your' reasons for trying to start a business, write down your goals and aspirations.

It may sound simple but when the time comes you feel disillusioned and ready to give up, it's there to remind you of the reasons for starting in the first place.

It may sound all doom & gloom so far but I just want you to be realistic

'You Can' make money on line and in many other differentways. However, you will only get out of it what you are prepared to put in.

Little effort means you will achieve very little in return.

Little and often will make steady progess to build your business, it's no use trying to do 60 hours per week for the first weeks then saying it doesn't work & give up.

Like I said earlier, education & effort really are the keys to your success.

Only listen to people who are adding value & helping you toachieve your goals

Get rid of the time wasters who are only interested in selling you items that you don't need or won't use.

Hope this has helped make things a little clearer especially for any Newbies, please continue to read my follow up articles in the near future.


I will add useful tips and resources that you can utilise to help your business grow.


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Mike Robertson


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