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less than 3 min. Activity Every Monday for Life with Open-Mind|No-Risk Period! Part 2

Aug 17th 2010 at 3:34 PM

 [In my humble opinion: this does cross multi-categories... ]

Preamble: Although, a business' may applicable for everyone's beneficial end result... It Still s      r          


My Activity Outline as I set it up to following this program's system through my Initial go round... [This is Part Two of The Passive Income Trilogy]

With the economic environmental climate, and the tight money attitude in the banking industry; not to dismiss your probable struggles with saving even a small amount of your [today's so-called] disposable income. Well, that's nearly impossible these days! What if with your permission, I may present a means that would require you to maintain your open-minded aspect for this informative material of a passive manner to saving money within a less than 3 minute interval each weekly as long as you have access to an on-line connectivity. All that's asked of you is to just maintain an account in your name each Monday for that less than 2.5 to 3 minutes per week. That has No-Loss or Risks that'll Ever be associated to you in any way, shape, or form. Plus, I'll share with you exactly what I did in my Initial activity before I Joined to this Passive program's system.

This Part Two Addresses this program system, Sent Your Way With No-Risk of Any Discounting Against You Ever!


What I did and What I Presently Have on Record To-Date (See my account record in) "Part Three: My Radical Passive Account Record for your Perusal [Subject to Updates...]" is continued and finalized in... [See the labeled: My Radical Passive Account Record for Perusal [Subject to Ongoing Updates] ...the Third Article in my Trilogy of and on this Passive Income program in income4free,org.]


I first had already established a Liberty basic account and for sometime prior to leaning about this program system, I'd Never put any money into it. So, after some thought I concluded that since this system required an Liberty Reserve account to participate. My Liberty Reserve should be fine. In getting started I tested this system in the following manner.

First, after completing the sign-up process with , I now have my own web page in their program. Now, I Need to  See [Understand just what I'm about to Do]. So, For me the Deposit sector took an initial getting use to. In my preparation to assure no loss of any income, to-date I operate my existing Liberty basic account with no income of my own ever entering into it and that has remained to this day.

I transacted according to the lower option in the window that shows up when you press the 'Deposit' link only. That's the Only one [that I personally recommend you use. My personal reasonng is this. I presently don't note any advantage to using the 'Make Deposit to Account' link. As for the dual choice of which to make your Deposit of the granted $20.00 money from the Investor. The top option [Spend funds from the Account Balance LibertyReserve ], which I tried three times consecutively in the same process period. In each time that I did this, I noticed the total amount reduced by $20.00. All totalling a $60.00 subtraction. That's why I recommend that you use Only the Deposit link and then to make usage of the lower option of the two therein... [Spend funds from LibertyReserve], again listed in 'Deposit' link within the Navigation options as the Top and First option. I recommend that you do likewise and also preview a glimpse below.

The process after you done it a few times is actually So Minimal [ dial-up, the real-time process is less than 3 minutes, with no  excessive surfing activity, such as mutli-tab surfing and a bogged down computing system] to add to your time-consumption concerns. So, naturally, a better connectivity process will bear the beneficial result at a greater rate of speed and time-savings. Again, I cannot express enough every attempt of mine to be clear that any presentation or recommendation is solely a suggestion and Never an act to lead you against any action that you make up your mind personally to Initiate or Not Initiate.

This process with none of my own personal income involved in a account totally empty of finances. Is my attempt to be Doubly-Assured of No-Risk or Losses associated with Though this program's stated policy is clearly written and cannot be mistaken.

This is what you'll see as the first page after which; once you've signed-up and logged into your new income4free account are thereafter:






Make Deposit      [This is the Only financial maintenance activity for which you'll be active each week]


Make Deposit to Account        [I Recommend that you steer clear of this link... just my suggestion.]


Your Deposits           [Checkable for your ongoing activity.]


Deposits History         [Checkable for your ongoing activity.]


Earnings History         [Checkable for your ongoing activity.]


Referrals History       [Checkable for your ongoing activity.]


Withdraw                  [Checkable for your ongoing activity at the appointed time.]


Withdrawals History  [Checkable for your ongoing activity after your Initial first accumulative activity.]


Currency Exchange [I haven't had any need of it services.]


Your Referrals


Referral Links


Edit Account [Make change to your personal data information.]






Sign up now, Do the First Step into a Secure Future with this Passive Income program system.                                          

Postscript:   You'll Need To proceed to the next couplng article dedicated to expose my *personal activity adherance and acknowledgement of this program's system activity and by my Choice Decision to present a time-sensitive account of my to-date activity record for your Choice Decision to Join with me... and as previously stated it's willing Subject to Ongoing Updates... onto Trilogy's End.

“The Fierce Urgency of Now!” energies into an accomplishment of their success journey of any Selective company or matter... Of course, whatever you decide is 100% O.K. with me. This may not be for you! Read more in the FAQ and Rules sections. [ gain your access, first press the link below and in the upper right hand corner select the sector of Choice Decision for your Perusal...] In essence of the words written by a IM faceplate community member: One business isn't for everyone. One business isn't for everyone. It all comes down to one's Personal Choice Decision and Commitment.

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