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Learning What Questions To Ask

Feb 10th 2011 at 9:07 AM

In the beginning when I was a complete newbie in Network Marketing I thought I had all the answers but in reality i had no clue as to what I was about to embark on in this game. I had no idea of what questions to ask potential customers and failed dismally and got discouraged in short order. I would talk, talk, talk and then talk some more to a potential client and wouldn't even let them get a word in edegewise, and had the nerve to wonder why they never got back to me. This is a strange business we're in, its not like a regular job where you interview people and go through the process of elimination. Its easy to want a huge downline with visions of money raining down from the sky in our heads not even thinking about the fact that these people we want in our downline will have the power to gauge our livelihood and that attrition is a big part of the game. Traditional thinkers will tell you that attrition is a fact of life and that people will naturally come and go in this business. I say that you can cut down on your attrition rate greatly if you just learn how to listen and learn what questions to ask in the beginning. For instance, now that I have a little more experience dealing with people I know what questions to ask. First I listen to the prospect and prepare myself for that tricky question that they all ask and thats, is this MLM? My answer is, yes it is and what experience have you had with MLM in the past? Most people got burned and threw a blanket indictment over the whole industry call it all a scam. Then I calmly explain the difference between an MLM and a Pyramid scheme and they eventually come around. Then I ask them what they're doing at the moment, I finally learned how to put people at ease with my questions and not be pushy because if the conversation goes South, the person will run for the hills never to be seen or heard from again. This is indeed a people business and its true, people join people not businesses and you have to look at people as people and not numbers. If the person isn't the right fit for my business and just wants a quick buck I pass on them. It saves a lot of heartache for us both, do I want the sale? Of course I do but at what price? When I talk to potential partners in my business I play the tape back to when I was them and had no clue what I was getting involved in and I take baby steps and give them the opportunity to do their due diligence and get back with me, if they like what they find they get back with me, if not, its probably best for us both that they continued their search. I try my best to eliminate the stress from my conversations. Am I hearing what i think I'm hearing from this person or am I hearing what I want to hear? Our minds can play tricks on us and when we sense a sale we can blow it in an instant by talking ourselves right out of it, don't think of this business as just a means to an end, think of it as helping people achieve their goals of financial freedom and things will go a lot easier for you both I guarantee it. If you're interested in what I'm involved in feel free to click the link below and take a minute to see my site and remember, only serious inquiries accepted because one of my best motto's is, My time is not yours to waste and visa-versa. Skype: paul.hines7 954-479-2861

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