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Lead Generation Software Reviews

Nov 16th 2010 at 8:52 PM

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The Best Software to Advance Your Business


Let’s compare 3 of the top lead generation software on the internet: LeadNet Pro, IBuzz Pro, and Go Scraper. I’m not here to talk about their company or the quality of their software. I’m only going to talk about the characteristics of their software and their compensation plans. All three have video training programs and affiliate web sites that you can use to promote the software.


LeadNet Pro and IBuzz Pro are web based, do not need to be installed on your desktop and work on MAC or PC. This is a personal peeve of mine because I have a Mac but besides my personal bias, Go Scraper is only for PC.


LeadNet Pro, IBuzz Pro and Go Scraper search the internet for emails, phone numbers and web sites. LeadNet Pro and IBuzz have the capability to collect and send out emails as well as collect phone numbers and broadcast to them. Go Scraper can get emails and phone numbers but can only send out email campaigns. Lead Net Pro has an ability that the others do not and that is the ability to print Avery labels from the addresses it collects.


They can all extract info from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but LeadNet Pro also includes Yellow Book, Merchants Circles and Craigslist. Go Scraper has a separate category for You Tube.


Fourth, there is no charge for the email campaigns but there are charges for phone broadcasting. LeadNet Pro charges 1.8 cents and IBuzz Pro charges 3.0 cents per minute for connected calls. They both have the ability to scrub list against the Do Not Call list. I Buzz Pro is the only one with pre-recorded messages but you can record your own messages on either software.


Most importantly are the compensation plans, Pro Scraper is a one-time $99 fee and a $50 payout for promoting the software. LeadNet Pro is $397, with $97 paid to the company and $300 paid directly to the affiliate, $20 monthly recurring, with a one up program. I Buss Pro is a $500 fee, with $50 set up fee, and $28 monthly recurring. The $500 fee goes directly to the sponsors, your first and second sales are split 50/50 with the affiliate and his sponsor. With your third signup you are qualified and collect the $500 fee. Each new person must split the fees of the first two sales with their upline to become qualified.


This gives introduction to the capabilities and compensation plans for the top lead generation software on the internet.

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