Last week I had a conversation with “THAT GUY”!

Nov 3rd 2011 at 6:35 PM

Last week I had a conversation with “THAT GUY”!

Dont be that guy

You know “THAT GUY”.

”THAT GUY” is the man or woman who speak like an authority on everything with little to no facts at all.  These know-it-alls will tell you it is too simple. It can’t last. It is a scam. Someone will steal your identity or that they have seen something like this before and it didn’t work, etc.

“THAT GUY” tried to tell me that Organo Gold Coffee doesn’t work. He actually tried to convince me (talking loudly) in front of others that Organo Gold is a scam and no one is getting paid! Every time I named a person that he knows who  is getting paid, he would say that person is the exception. What a joke! He spoke like such an authority. He presented himself as an expert with years of experience in the industry. Many people would have just taken his word as fact.

But, after an intense conversation (intense because he was so emphatic in his opinion), he finally admitted that he had no facts to rely on and in fact was sometimes just lying. He was totally busted and embarrassed! He then admitted that he was totally basing his opinion off rumors from other mystery people he could not name. The only person he did bother to name had told him they were doing great, making money and loved it.

“THAT GUY’S” admission of lying, of course, only came after he was actually caught lying several times. It was only then that he admitted openly that he was just kind of making it up on the fly. He had not so much as looked up the company or visited the website. Not just our website. He had not looked at any website, including Orgaon Gold. He had not checked any independent source or made any effort to find any information at all for or against his opinion.  He is not and has never been involved with Orgaon Gold at all.

The funniest part of it all was when a stranger dining at another table, who was not involved in the conversation, got up, left their meal and came all the way over to were we were located just to tell him he did not know what he was talking about.

In the end when I asked him directly, in the middle of the gathering if he was in fact lying and making statements based on nothing, his simple answer was…..YES.

Has “THAT GUY” been talking to you? Have you been taking advice from “THAT GUY”?

Please find out for your self. What ever you do, don’t stake your financial future on advice from “THAT GUY”.

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