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Large or Small Speakers in Your Home Cinema?

Nov 11th 2012 at 8:36 PM

A while back I was thinking of the day when I was a kid and I had saved up all my money to buy a second-hand TV and VCR. People I knew were upgrading and decided to sell their old TV and VCR. When I came home with my new equipment, I connected it with my large old speakers to my even older audio set. I put in a movie on tape and a new world opened up to me.

My own personal movie theatre had been created! I started to watch rental movies which had 'spectacular' Dolby Pro Logic sound. Back then Pro Logic was as good as i gets. Planes flew trough my room, bullets hit the wall behind me, I was officially hooked on movies with surround sound! I was happy with my personal Movie Theater, things couldn't get any better... although that's what I thought.

A friend of my father took me to a store specialized in audio systems and speakers, he had heard some good reviews about the store and he knew I was interested in everything that had something to do with audio and movies. The store had audio equipment and speakers of brands I never heard of. Back then it was the late 1990's and I had started my first real job and was earning a real salary, meaning a higher budget. The store was equipped with several listening rooms, they would first interview the customer to find out about his or her interests and preferences,i.e. if they liked pop music, classical concerts or movies.

In my case that would be movies, so they went ahead and set up a room with speakers and an audio receiver and let me watch a movie. They also hooked up a DVD player so I could watch some favorite scenes of movies I brought with me. Needless to say I was flabbergasted! What a sound! I couldn't believe my ears.

Since then the brands I didn't knew have never left my home! The audio receiver was a AVR-2803 from Harman Kardon BDS 370 3D and the speakers were from Kef. They asked about my budget first, to rule out the very expensive speakers, based on my budget they would let me experience the Kef Q-series. The Q-series offer a high quality sound for an affordable price. I call myself critical but not an audiophile, so you don't see me spending thousands of dollars on one speaker.

To sum this story up, I bought the Denon and the Kef Q5-series speakers so that I could enjoy the sensation of Dolby Digital 5.1 at home with my new Kef Home Theatre. A few years later I upgraded to the new Kef Q7-series (in 2005) and again what an improvement in sound quality! The only thing is that the speakers are a bit too large and that doesn't fit really well in my livingroom. The problem was that I had already bought them so I decided to keep them since the design was beautiful.

After several years of enjoying my large Kef speakers I decided it was time for new, this time smaller speakers. I had only one condition and that was that the sound quality has to be the same or better. This is almost an impossible condition but I found what I was looking for. Kef has a range of home theatre speakers that perform very well and are well-known in expert circles. I've gathered background information and reviews on my blog in case your interested, take a look here. My conclusion is that you don't need large speakers to enjoy movies to the fullest! The small kef speakers combined with a good subwoofer give you substantial bang for your buck. This set proves you don't need large speakers to produce an excellent audio quality.

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