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Kooday A Sure Way Of Making A Great Amount Of Money | Plus Sharing Profits

Sep 3rd 2010 at 3:11 PM

Have you heard all the talk about Kooday?If not, then let me be the first to introduce you. Kooday is a brand new search engine, like Google, Yahoo or Bing, that was launched recently. It is still in Beta mode, but will go live in September or October of 2010.

New  Search Engine offering it’s members a cash pay out! Imagine everytime, anyone uses your Keyword, you get paid.. It’s a must see! Search Engine offering it’s members a cash pay out.

Be the first to own a popular key search word. It’s really simple. Words are searched daily and google, yahoo nor bing share their profits. Why not get paid from owning K. Gain Exposure for your business or services as well.

How You Will Earn Money?

When somebody buys your keyword they always have to pay 15% more than the price you paid for the keyword. Keyword purchases start from 10 cents. This is just one of the benefits you can received from Kooday.

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Link to Join Kooday?  Kooday

2.  What is the minimum investment in Kooday?  The minimum investment is only 5 dollars. You can use PayPal to deposit the money.

3.  Is Kooday  a Scam?  Kooday is not a Scam.  Trekpay is also the author of Kooday.

Kooday is totally different than any other Search Engine.  I will guarantee you 100% that you will earn Great Money … a huge ways.  I recently purchased a new keywords.. for only $0.10  and now I am get paid every-time someone uses any of them..  Kooday is so amazing… and it also has great referral program.  Join now so you can invite your friends too.

How to Join?

1.  Just registered in Kooday using this link  ==>>>  KOODAY HERE you have a great advantage  when joining someone’s link.  Because once it notice that you have an active keyword there is a great opportunity to purchase it from you.

2. Make sure you complete your account profile.  Set your payout information Paypal is best recommend.  They use paypal to send your payment.  If you don’t have paypal click here to have one.

3. Fund your account and purchase some Kooday Dollars .  A  Minimum investment is $5.00. Any unused funds can be withdrawn to your paypal account anytime.

4. You can purchase some keywords starting at only $0.10 each. If someone owns the keyword that you like you have to purchase it to the owner of the keyword using your Kooday Dollars. All you need to do is search for a keyword using the kooday keyword search tool and check if it is owned or not.

Best of all it is FREE to JOIN..

JOIN NOW Click Here




Everyday there is always exciting new happening with KooDAY.  KooDay is fun and so amazing I can't even believed it's happening to me.  I just started to buy KooDAY dollar using my Alertpay for only $5.  Just to see how it works and if mechanics are easy and lucrative.

It really amaze me when after just an hours ago after joining it becomes $10. Wow is this really what KooDAY offers?  It's really hard to believed because the site has not even officially launched but I started to earn money from it.  This is very amazing there is nothing to loose when you join KooDAY. After 2 days my $5 starting amount is now $20.00.  I know this is not yet the time to celebrate.

But this is so fantastic I really love to share this with all my friends out there.  Who retired making money online. This is a good news.  Because you don't need a big cash to join and start earning money with KooDAY. $5 dollar won't harm your pocket but will make your pocket funded.

Look at my STATS

Kooday Dollar Balance: $10.12
You currently have 30 keywords, valued at $20.12

Earning money with KooDAT is unlimited just buy a keyword that is most click then wait for the money to add into your account.  As easy and as simple as it is.  You can join under my link so we could exchange support and buy keywords that is profitable.  Here is my link http://www.kooday.com/refer.asp?ref=33891

To give you an example those are some of the keywords I own:


33788    amazon shopping  
118986    best download software   
119223    best poker tips   
119055    cheapest vacation package   
118546    download psp games   
114858    fling.com   
49698    forex converter   
213073    forex dollar   
213187    free mp3 player downloads   
213006    generate extra money   
212990    generate streams of income   
156921    gma network   
119210    health & fitness   
212895    hello kooday   
119201    hottest games   
12338    job online   
57481    kooday commission   
115013    low fat food       
117169    medicine cabinet   
213131    mmorpg games online  
213181    mp3 player download   
29886    online adventure games   
121006    online strategy games   
213044    owning keyword   
114388    pet lover   
119219    poker tips and tricks   
119237    puppy basic training   
164620    puppy training authority   
21981    sex search   
119245    technology today   
119230    weight loss basics

You can join anytime you want.  By joining just click click my link http://www.kooday.com/refer.asp?ref=33891 Let's share and update each other here.  It's good if we can share how lucrative and profitable using KooDAY to earn money.



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Sep 26th 2010 at 1:47 PM by philjansen
Thanks for the information Louie, i joined 3 weks ago and have 10,000 Profit share credits. Wher can i find out who my sponsor is ? - Blessings! - philjansen.com

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