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Know More About The Wonders Of Viral Marketing

Jun 5th 2011 at 10:50 AM

By: Bob Collins

Viral infections are highly contagious. A virus is an infectious microscopic organism that resides inside a host. A virus is a highly host dependent entity. Because of its high dependency rate unto a host, a virus tends to contaminate every possible host that it encounters. But they can not contaminate by themselves- they cannot jump from host to host whenever they desire to. It is the host that transfers viruses. Without a host-to-host connection, a virus cannot be transferred. This virus-host relationship is the idea behind viral marketing.

Viral Marketing: It is an advertising technique that copied the nature of viruses. Thus, advertisements in viral marketing are being transferred like a virus. It can be easily spread as long as an infected host carries it to another host. It does not use bodies as their medium but use internet-based pre-existing social relationships. Viral information can be in forms of flash games, rebrandable eBooks, brandable software or text messages. It's like information that would want to be transferred from surfer to surfer.

What can viral marketing do for your business? Expanded advertising: Viral marketing is purposively made for duplication. Unlike an infectious virus, its spread might cause body degeneration and physical ailment. But stuffs in viral marketing would encourage this type of infection. They would want their data to be duplicated rapidly and exponentially. Because of this, an exponential growth to the popularity of the company's product is likely to happen. Your products' exposure will be higher through this kind of advertisement.

Exponential sales: Through advertisements, your product will gain more popularity. Through this popularity, the product will generate and acquire status in the market that can influence an enormous passage of clienteles unto your web. With an increase in your advertisement efficiency, you can achieve larger rates of sales.

Viral marketers offer free stuffs that are related to their product. To receive as a gift or a free product form anyone can be so exiting. To ease out your excitement, you would likely share the product to other people. And show to them the gift that you have received. In turn, the person to whom you had shared your excitement can unwittingly be interested in the product.

Like a virus, viral information is host dependent. Thus it cannot infect many persons at once. They infect one host and expect that host be infecting other persons within their connections. The sad part is: if your targeted host had not been successfully infecting the people around, a viral advertisement would not likely occur. Thus, you have to think of more efficient way on how to use the concept of viral marketing efficiently.

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