Kim Kardashian divorces at 70 days, but .....

Nov 2nd 2011 at 5:59 PM

If you watch the news, particularly the soap opera
lives of some of the rich and famous, you may have seen that reality
star Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce just 70 days after getting

It's big "news" in the entertainment section today.  Paid $18 Million
for the rights to her wedding pictures and access and divorced in
70 days.  Very sad.

In other NON-related news, Europe suddenly announces they solved
their debt crisis and ... everything should be just peachy again.

You're not up on current events?  Dont watch the news?
No problem.  Here is what you probably are up on
though ... Coffee!

You see if you are current with the news ... we generally do one
thing while we catch up (at least 8 out of 9 of us in the US alone),
yes,  you guessed it, we drink coffee!

We read our newspapers, watch on TV or listen on the radio the morning
AND ... drink coffee. Economy news, celebrity news, sports news ..
PLUS Coffee!  Get it?

That means, besides you, that 8 out of every 9 people that you run into,
that you talk to, that live by you; ... basically everyone that you
will see, whether they are up on current events or not ... are "up on their

Do you think they might be open to just TRYING a new, coffee thats
actually good for you?  Do you think they might be open to that?


If you were in business with us, 8 out of 9 people you'd see today,
could be your potential customers.  They'd consume YOUR product
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And, since it is a Healthy Coffee, that
has a generous amount of the most powerful herb on the planet in
it, you may be having a direct impact on improving their health too!

One thing is for sure; they're going to LOVE our coffee.

In our webinar today, we're going to spill the beans, so to speak, and
answer all your questions.

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