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Gold prospecting and mining, selling American Hand Made by prospectors themselves and selling there wares to people who what quality tools that work.
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Killed by Ghosts ?

Jul 8th 2010 at 3:54 PM
                        Killed by Ghosts ?


Is this for real? Ghosts a danger? In a sense: yes, I think they are. First off, this isn’t a column claiming the existence or non-existence of ghosts. I’ve never seen one or spoken to anyone who has (though I've read witness statements about 'presences' in mines). Personally I don’t believe in ghosts to be honest but whether you do or don’t, that’s not what I’m here to prove either way as it is irrelevant. What is relevant however is the reaction of the human mind to environments that it is not comfortable in and how this in turn affects the actions and decisions of the mine-explorer.
The primitive human mind with an instinct for survival gets scared when sensing danger. Being scared causes the chemical hormone called Adrenaline to be released into the blood stream which acts like a turbo-boost. The heart beats faster, reaction times shorten, and running speeds increase, thereby providing the human with a temporary burst of energy to assist in dealing with the danger.
Going back to our native environment, certain scenarios cause us to get scared. One is the dark. Humans are vulnerable to attack in the dark as our eyes are not built for it. When the sun goes down, we instinctively look for a safe and secure environment to remain until the sun comes back. Even sitting in our own house in darkness can be scary.
Another is being alone. Humans are safer in packs, like a pack of wolves, monkeys, sheep or whatever. A group is less likely to be attacked, and is more able to fend off an attack. If there are 10 of you running from a tiger it is statistically less likely you’ll be the one that gets eaten. So being alone will always make you more scared than being in a group.
Another is being in an unfamiliar environment. Being somewhere you know well is far less concerning than being somewhere you don’t, like in a foreign city. If a danger pops up you’ll deal with it better if you are familiar with where you are.
So if you combine all three: being alone deep in a pitch black unfamiliar mine your brain will naturally be making you quite scared. Every distant drip sound will make you stop and listen, and even the slightest thing will make you jump. You might even feel childish and stupid for feeling scared but you won’t be able to help it, it’s simply a natural reaction to the environment. However, care has to be taken not to let this lead to panic and irrational behavior.
There are many things that could push you from being scared into a state of panic:
Getting lost
Your lighting suddenly failing or weakening unexpectedly
A sudden unfamiliar noise
Thinking you heard a sudden unfamiliar noise
Unusual shadows or reflections catching your eye
A sudden realization how far you are from daylight.

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