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Keyword Winner Review – The Best Premium SEO Wordpress Plugin Ever

Feb 19th 2011 at 12:22 AM

As we all know in the world of affiliate marketing and SEO, many of them have failed in their careers. One of the reasons that affiliate marketers and SEO gurus have failed to make money online is by not showing their hardwork, dedication, passion and true effort to their business. It is quite understood that the sales from your respective products depends on the performance of your website, blog or anything that can be published to the internet. Do you think that being a lazy guy like you will be successful in no time? Do you think that everything is magic when you woke up earn $100,000 a day?


Take note there is no magic bullet here in the world of affiliate marketing and SEO. It needs for you to do a lot of work before seeing the results in a steady process. SEO is proved to be the most powerful method for you to get quality traffic and revenue to your website or blog. But this method can take you months to see your website go up in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We know that we’re tired of waiting to see our websites outrank your fellow competitors based on the target keywords you have. Keyword research and analysis are one of the things that most affiliate and SEO gurus have missed in their own storage box.

Speaking of keywords, there are four levels that you need to know. It is really important for an internet marketer like you to determine the level of your keywords. Here are the different four keyword levels:

1. Initial Stage – this keyword stage refers to the niche you want to search (e.g., internet, technology).
2. Browsing Stage – this keyword stage refers to people who are searching for simple keywords in their respective niche (e.g., SEO, affiliate marketing, internet marketing).
3. Comparison Stage – this keyword stage refers to people who are searching for a specific product (e.g., SEO Wordpress plugin).
4. Buying Stage – this keyword stage refers to a specific product (e.g., Keyword Winner).
Now that you know about the four different keyword stages, we need to know about the best tools to use for keyword research and analysis. If you are going to ask me a question on what keyword tool is the best to use today, there is only one that is so reliable and fast to analyze. Best of all, your time will not be wasted for several hours of researching and analyzing keywords from other free and paid tools out there.

I’m going to review about one of the best tools that I’ve experienced to rank high in a particular keyword within my blog’s headline. This is a tool that is considered to be one of the best for Wordpress users, and it makes you satisfied in using this on your blog. This keyword tool that I’m going to review is no other than Daniel Lew’s Keyword Winner premium SEO Wordpress plugin.


Keyword Winner premium SEO Wordpress plugin is a brand new Clickbank product that allows users to research and analyze keywords within their blog’s headline. It changes the way they do SEO and internet marketing today which gives you fast results to rank high and dominate your competitors on Google. The founder of this brand new plugin is no other than professional internet marketer and SEO specialist Daniel Lew.


Daniel Lew found out that Wordpress is proved to be the best content management system (CMS) in the internet today. One of the reasons for them to be the best is the plugins feature. Plugins are additional tools or widgets that can make your blog more attractive (e.g., All-In-One SEO, TweetMeme, WPRobot, PopUpDomination, Ninja Affiliate, etc.).


As for my honest review in this brand new Wordpress plugin, I find it very comfortable to use. But we understand that each product has its own pros and cons. To give you an idea about the pros and cons of Daniel Lew’s Keyword Winner, here are they:


* Easy to use and newbie-friendly. This plugin is easy for newbies to install and use on their respective blogs. This plugin is mostly used to create new posts, but you can also use this plugin in your draft and existing posts as well.

* Easy to analyze the keyword competition level. Due to their color-coded feature, you can easily determine the competition level of the keywords that were found in the results of your Keyword Winner plugin.

* Great customer support. Their customer support is very kind to us if we experience or encounter problems with the plugin. High affiliate commissions. In their affiliate program, he offers a huge 50% commission to all affiliates who promoted Keyword Winner to their blogs or any other online communities.

* Updates customers on new features. In case they are about to release the latest version of Keyword Winner, they always update their customers and affiliates for them to check it out.

* Can be used with multiple IP addresses. In their first ever version, customers with multi-site license can only use this plugin in one IP address. Today, it was a good sign that the web server restriction has been lifted.

* One-time payment only. Unlike any other online tools that have recurring or continuous monthly payments to use them, you will only pay once for this plugin and nothing else.

* Money-back guarantee. Daniel Lew is a guy who knows what to do for his customers in case they’re not satisfied. Your money is secured with him whom he has a stand proud 60-day money back guarantee. Therefore, no risks are involved.


* Single site license can’t be upgraded. This plugin can’t be upgraded if the package you have bought a single site license. In order for you to get a multi-site license, you need to buy a separate package for it.

* Limited but great and relevant results for your keywords. Although this plugin gives you limited results compared to the others, they will only give you the keywords that are recommended to your blog’s headline.
It seems that this plugin has more pros than cons in my own experience, and I have no problem in using this for my Wordpress blog. Best of all, Daniel Lew doesn’t forget about the bonuses that he offered for his valuable customers like me.

You will not receive this amazing plugin alone, but he also offers you a couple of bonuses as well (Keyword Winner eBook and GSEO Premium Membership).

Both of his bonuses are not bad for a customer like me. His Keyword Winner eBook is a complete guide with killer ideas on using this plugin effectively. As for his GSEO Premium membership, it is truly worth as well. I have been a premium member of the GSEO community for a long time, and I’ve been satisfied with it until now. It is a community for all new and professional SEO clients and service providers who want to consult and give ideas to one another.

However, that’s not all. We are trying to get our hands in this wonderful SEO plugin, but there’s one thing that we have missed. As a buyer, customer reviews are very important for every product that you want to buy, especially Keyword Winner. We need some testimonials that are legitimate and professional that comes from the well-known top affiliate marketers and pro bloggers in the world.

Here are some of the top affiliate marketers and pro bloggers who were satisfied about Daniel Lew’s Keyword Winner Premium SEO Wordpress plugin, and counting. I have been following these guys like John Chow, Jonathan Volk, Zac Johnson, Tyler Cruz, Ian Fernando, Zubin Kutar and a lot more. I was surprised that all of them are very satisfied on using Daniel Lew’s Keyword Winner plugin. Because of them, I am confident that I will hit the “Buy Now” button and already owned the multi-site license of Keyword Winner.


I conclude that this plugin made by Daniel Lew is worth the money I’ve spent. I realized that without this brand new keyword tool, SEO would never be easier like this. It is a good value for my money and I really thanked him for creating this wonderful plugin. This is not another “junk” type plugin that will be a waste to your time and money. This is more than just an ordinary plugin that will change the way you research and analyze keywords for outranking your competitors. Start taking action now and grab this amazing premium keyword plugin to boost the rankings of your blog’s headline.

CLICK HERE to check out Daniel Lew’s Keyword Winner premium SEO Wordpress plugin.

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Feb 19th 2011 at 11:31 PM by xlamposx
Hey thanks! This premium plugin is really useful and worth the money I've spent for my Wordpress blog. I've used it myself and I'm really satisfied with their relevant keyword results, and version 2.0 is coming soon with new features too! :)
Feb 19th 2011 at 9:36 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, Jeff: Interesting and informative article highlighting the purpose and value of keywords and developing a strong keyword strategy. GT :-)

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