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KalosLife Review

Sep 11th 2013 at 4:37 PM

My review of the KalosLife MLM program.  KalosLife retails the “Therma Mend” topical cream for temporary pain relief of joint pain, back pain, knee pain, arthritis pain, sore muscles, tired feet, elbows & hands.  The company founder is Tim Wooten and is located out of Alabama USA.  The programs URL is "" and was registered on March 6th, 2013.

I have seen claims from KalosLife affiliates that Tim Wooten has run several other MLM programs, but was only able to find his name connected to the now "dead" 1990's Market One MLM program.

Market One sold a range of household and automotive products using a matrix unilevel comp plan.

How Does KalosLife Work? Affiliate membership to KalosLife is free.  In order to earn income affiliates are required to sell "Therma Mend" 0.8 oz topical cream tubes that retail for $24.95 each (approx. affiliate cost $15) or a case of 10 tubes that retails for $250 (affiliate cost $150).  Therma Mend’s active ingredients are Menthol (10%) and Camphor (3%).  Retail sells commissions are approx. $10 per tube.

Affiliates are paid a Team commission using a 2Xunlimited matrix with positions filled from signed up affiliates.  The level one positions form two teams (left and right).  Commissions are paid based on Business Volume (BV) generated on both teams.  $300 in product purchases generates 200 BV and when both teams generate 400 BV ( thats 400 BV from each team), the affiliate is paid a $100 commission.  Commission is paid weekly and capped at twenty payments per week.  A referral commission of $50 is also paid when a new personally signed up affiliate earns a $100 Team commission.

Affiliates are paid a monthly Unilevel commissions using a 3X7 matrix with positions filled from personally signed up affiliates, that pays out 7% on the total matrix sales volume of product sales.

There is a Pool Bonus where KalosLife puts $10 into a company wide pool for each 10 pack case that is sold.  This pool is paid out monthly the top (6) six affiliates, tied to the BV their matrix downline has made from selling 10 pack cases.

My Opinion... First the good news.  They are selling a marketable product, "pain relief topical cream" and that is very good.  Their URL is public record and their place of business are proven to be "legit", another good point.

But I feel that it is going to be a challenge for most affiliates to build a large "retail" base for just one product offering.  That’s not to say that Therma Mend doesn’t work, it could be the best pain relief topical cream ever produced, however as its only one product, I’m not sure that an affiliate can get enough non-affiliate customer monthly sales to generate much of an income.  Again, I’m not questioning whether or not Therma Mend works but let’s face it, the market "niche" for it is always going to be limited.

Now there’s nothing wrong with building an MLM business around an affiliate comp plan, but it will be a challenge.  Remember from an MLM recruitment perspective it is important to take into consideration that the product pays considerably more from new affiliate product sales, making the temptation to focus on affiliate recruitment and personal product purchases, and not retail sales.  This is also evident from the company side too as they state "Just as you needed inventory for your new business, those distributors you bring in will need inventory for their new business."

I have no problem with affiliates "stock piling' purchasing products, but to call it “inventory” is misleading.   As this is not totally true retail sells, as the program only generates revenue from affiliate purchases, not retail customer purchases.  In summary, due to its have only one product offering, I would be very cautious on what an affiliates "retail" sells earnings end up being.

In my opinion, if you are into "retail" MLM programs, I feel that it would make more sense to join a MLM program that offers many different types of products, for example JubiRev, that offers pain relief, health, weight lose, energy drink, skin care, coffee, travel, and online cash back of purchases products.  This way you are targeting (8) different "niches" and not just one, make your chances of building a much larger customer monthly recurring purchasing business, much more likely.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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